Networking Solutions

The future of networking is wide open

As the foundation of all communications, including secure voice, video, data, and more, your network is critical infrastructure. And right now, it’s being pushed to the limit by the demands of cloud computing, mobility, social media and big data technologies. Companies that demand maximum network scalability, performance and security are already facing server scale and manageability challenges with their legacy network platforms.

Whether your need to optimize your network for access to cloud applications, an increasingly mobile workforce, Internet of Things (IoT), or any combination of the three, CBTS has solutions to fit your needs. And they scale from the smallest to the largest deployments. Transform your business operation by connecting your employees, customers, and business partners anytime, anywhere with resiliency and security.

Gartner estimates that by 2020, at least 80% of the industry’s growth and the highest-value leverage of IT will be driven by networking platforms and the services and solutions built on them.

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Deliver business-critical content with guaranteed quality of service

Transform your business operation by securely connecting your employees, customers, and business partners anytime, anywhere.


  • Ethernet Services

    Connect your business with EPL, E-line, E-LAN and VPLS with throughput up to 10 Gb

  • Dedicated Internet Access

    Support your most critical functions with dedicated access over our optical-enabled IP backbone

  • Managed Wi-Fi

    Reliable wireless access to secure, manage, and support your most complex requirements

  • SIP/IP Trunking Services

    Centralized communications to improve control and consolidate management

Connected to all the right outcomes

  • Connect all your locations via Ethernet or Fiber with guaranteed QoS
  • Implement a resilient, hardened, Wide Area Network (WAN) to provide custom voice, video, and Internet
  • Offer robust and secure Wi-Fi to employees and guests
  • Deploy Unified Communications solution on premises or in the cloud
  • Access a fiber-based, high-capacity Internet connection
  • Provide a fully managed, high-speed IP VPN/MLPS network
  • Supported by a local 24x7x365 technical team with full web-based reporting

More networking, less work

  • Lower costs

    Turn CapEx to OpEx with a monthly fee for equipment, maintenance, and management services

  • Increase productivity

    In-house IT staff can refocus on strategic initiatives instead of maintenance

  • Minimize downtime

    Infrastructure updates are handled without disrupting service

  • Fast deployment and scalability

    Turn on applications in a matter of days, hours, or even minutes

  • Enhance mobility

    Connect users to cloud apps anywhere and everywhere

  • Improve security

    Protect your data with advanced security features


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