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CBTS awarded Cisco Master of Security Certification

OnX, a CBTS company, is pleased to announce that it has been awarded the prestigious Cisco Master of Security Certification.

The certification includes the following Cisco practice areas:

  • Next Generation Firewall (NGFW)
  • Next Generation IPS (NGIPS)
  • Policy and Access
  • Web and Email Security
  • Advanced Threat

To achieve the Cisco Master of Security Certification, OnX, a CBTS company, had to show their exact understanding of individual Cisco security practices, as well as demonstrate a deep understanding of how those practices should function as a cohesive set of solutions. The OnX team also had to showcase current examples of successful projects in which we have integrated multiple security solutions.

No other Cisco specialization or certification demands such extensive proof of the partner’s design and implementation capabilities.

“We value our strong relationship with Cisco, and this recognition reflects our expertise in deploying a wide range of Cisco security solutions to meet our customers’ evolving needs in this complex, mission-critical space,” said Paul Khawaja, Senior Vice President OnX Canada. “OnX, a CBTS company, is proud to deliver world-class Cisco solutions in the areas of secure access and mobility, edge, and branch security, along with data center and cloud security.”


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OnX has joined the CBTS Family

OnX has joined the CBTS Family

It is the beginning of an exciting new period in the histories of CBTS and OnX Enterprise Solutions.

On Oct. 2, CBTS and OnX combined to create a company with more than 1,500 employees and over 2,800 technology certifications. The new organization, which will be known as CBTS, serves 2,400 clients in North America and Europe.

You may wonder what this combination means.

CBTS and OnX are now able to join resources and expertise to supply our customers with the technology consulting services required to build and integrate cloud, on-premises, and intelligent network solutions. The benefits to clients include significantly improved operational efficiency, mitigated risks, and reduced costs.

Together, CBTS and OnX boast a unique hosted and managed services portfolio. The combined company’s enhanced capabilities include managed cloud computing and data center services, and end-to-end communications services with subject matter expertise in support of sales, installation, operation, and maintenance.

This positions us to provide deep industry and market knowledge in cloud, security, and infrastructure needs, enabling our customers to move ahead of the technology adoption curve and gain a competitive edge.

CBTS President Scott Seger said, “We are excited to have OnX’s talented team join the CBTS family and look forward to the opportunities ahead as we go to market with our combined platform as a hybrid IT solutions provider. The combined company will have a truly differentiated offering for clients and will set us apart in a competitive industry. Further, our enhanced scale will give us the financial flexibility to make strategic investments in the business, including new products, services, and people to ensure CBTS continues to provide industry-leading solutions to clients.”

Welcome to our new colleagues at OnX. We look forward to paving the way at the cutting-edge of cloud, security, and infrastructure to serve our clients.


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CIO Review names CBTS to Top 20 UC List

CIO Review has named CBTS to its list of the 20 Most Promising Unified Communications Solution Providers for 2017, and is featuring an interview with Chief Technology Officer Tom Simpson in its March edition.

In an interview with CIO Review, Simpson discussed three key CBTS services:

  • Enterprise Hosted Communications Solution: EHCS is built on Cisco’s HCS product and is a fully hosted and managed solution that provided enterprise-grade voice, video and business communications services.
  • Network as a Service: A fully managed solution that provides customers with a simple, scalable method to offload the complex task of maintaining and securing a commercial network.
  • SD-WAN: A solution that allows businesses with multi-site locations to support mobile workforces while reducing the need for expensive MPLS connections.

The story also highlights CBTS’ work with the State of Ohio, where our Next-Generation Telephony Service (NGTS) solution has saved the State $5.3 million in the first 18 months of use while providing a suite of collaboration tools that mark a significant upgrade from the State’s previous system.


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Cisco Certifies CBTS as UCCE Partner

CINCINNATI, Feb. 29, 2016 — Cisco has named CBTS as one of its Unified Contact Center Enterprise (UCCE) Partners in the United States. As an Authorized Technology Provider for Cisco UCCE solutions, CBTS adds Cisco’s most exclusive designation to its already broad portfolio of certifications.

CBTS is committed to serving as a strategic partner for enterprise businesses that want to offer their customers a dynamic, world-class contact center experience, which can increase customer satisfaction and overall business profitability. Earning Cisco’s UCCE certification further strengthens CBTS’ ability to execute on this commitment.

“As a Cisco UCCE Partner, we can provide enterprise customers a range of innovative solutions for their contact centers,” said Al Early, VP and Principal, Consulting Services at CBTS. “This certification – when combined with our existing deep expertise in other applications – further differentiates CBTS in the market.”

Enterprise businesses are increasingly investing in customer contact centers and moving toward “Omni-channel” solutions that facilitate interactions across a variety of platforms – including voice, video, instant messaging and e-mail. As a Cisco UCCE Partner, CBTS can deliver to enterprise customers both the technology infrastructure and the necessary applications to create this environment.

“Our enterprise business customers want to provide an engaging service experience where interactions with their own customers occur on multiple platforms,” said Early.  “They recognize that a great contact center experience strengthens their brands, and ultimately adds value to their businesses.”

CBTS can leverage Cisco’s UCCE solutions across a variety of contact center models. This includes creating a premise-based solution; delivering a managed services solution across several properties; and providing a cloud offering.

For more information on CBTS and its full suite of business solutions, go to

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