CBTS supports clients with white glove service

March 19, 2018
Jacqueline Emigh

White glove service is a core pillar at CBTS that begins with consulting, continues with deep dive discovery, and concludes with on-site implementation and dedicated project management.

Our team of 700 certified engineers is large enough to deliver diverse solutions across a wide range of industries, yet has the flexibility to architect and implement custom solutions for clients of all sizes.

We recently worked with a full-service staffing and recruiting firm that was struggling to manage a disparate network of voice applications, and experiencing uneven call quality across its eight locations across the country.

The CBTS solution – a fully managed and hosted software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) architecture built on VeloCloud – now supports consistent, high quality voice calling throughout all of this client’s locations, and integrates cloud-enabled data apps.

But the solution is only part of this story.

White Glove Consulting

The CBTS approach to consulting is a critical differentiator in this and countless other examples. For certain clients seeking to revamp their networks, CBTS might recommend SD-WAN technology, or alternatively, either Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), Virtual Private Local Area Network service, or hybrid networks.

For this client, CBTS recommended an SD-WAN solution from VeloCloud. VeloCloud’s solution features linear architecture that supports onboarding new sites in under a month, with high-quality voice and data streaming among multiple locations. In contrast to most other solutions in the SD-WAN market, VeloCloud uses technology called “packet replication and remediation,” which enables packets streamed across the Internet to arrive at their destination for reassembly in the correct order.

And unlike most SD-WAN solutions, VeloCloud provides gateways between the data center and multiple cloud exchanges for easy adoption and deployment of Software as a Service (SaaS) apps such as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), email, and customer relationship management (CRM) solutions like Salesforce.

Deep Dive Discovery

The CBTS approach to deep-dive discovery is another key component of white glove service. In this process, CBTS takes an extensive look at the organization’s current and future IT needs.

CBTS discovered that the staffing and recruiting firm had combined two less than ideal approaches to networking. Some company locations communicated through Virtual Private Network (VPN) tunnels over the Internet, resulting in slow voice and data connectivity, whereas other sites relied on costly Ethernet private lines. End-to-end network visibility was not possible with both of these architectures in place.

The migration to VeloCloud supports a fully managed, hosted voice and data network with reliable quality of service. The client pays an affordable monthly fee for the service. CBTS handles network move, add, and change requests at no extra cost.

On-Site Implementation, Dedicated Project Management

At CBTS, white glove service also includes supporting hardware implementation by IT professionals, which alleviates pressure on our clients’ internal IT Organizations. CBTS hires IT resources who are deeply knowledgeable about the equipment and qualified to perform all configuration and troubleshooting.

Indeed, the entire process – from design to implementation – is managed by a dedicated CBTS project manager who is specifically tasked with overseeing scheduling and all other aspects of deployment and maintenance. Consequently, each customer can depend on a single point of contact for issues that surface.

Want to find out more about deployment of the VeloCloud SD-WAN solution for this client? Read the case study here.

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