5G is coming. Is your organization prepared?

March 23, 2020
John Scola
Director Mobility Program

The next big step forward in wireless communications is only beneficial to those with the tools and abilities to harness it. As a result, it’s becoming more and more crucial for enterprises to adapt and prepare to take advantage of 5G wireless networks.

Various benefits and advantages are on the way with 5G, but existing wireless infrastructure may not be sufficient to accommodate this new wave of connectivity. Of businesses recently surveyed by CBTS and IDG, 52% cite the need to upgrade existing infrastructure and the budget to do so as their top concern regarding upgrading to 5G. The challenge of analyzing, designing, and implementing a network to support 5G is close behind at 48%. 44% of respondents are concerned about the ability of 5G tower signals to penetrate their buildings.

The limits of Existing Solutions

As the world becomes more interconnected, and consumers continually expect instant gratification from their wireless communication experiences, many companies are concerned about the rising rates of Wi-Fi consumption.

Currently, private Wi-Fi is the most common wireless connectivity solution among respondents at 77%, with public Wi-Fi in second place at 69%. 60% use cell signal repeaters and 35% use a Distributed Antenna System (DAS). Users of DAS are the only respondents not reported to be concerned about the growing consumption of Wi-Fi.

Another factor to consider is the volume of resources companies are dedicating to managing their systems—an average of 42 internal staff members are assigned to support wireless communication services. Most organizations leverage both internal staff and external service providers to manage their in-building wireless communication systems. On average, 58% of in-building wireless communication services are operated by internal staff, and 42% are supported by external providers.

Wi-Fi maintains its popularity as a standard wireless communications solution, but users of a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) and cell signal repeaters report the highest rates of satisfaction. However, while cell signal repeaters rely on outdoor coverage that may not be consistent, a DAS acts as a dedicated, fiber optic transmission system that is purpose-built for the specific building it is designed to serve. These factors make a DAS-enabled building less susceptible to external cell signal disruptions, leading to higher user satisfaction, cost reduction, and decreased reliance on in-building Wi-Fi. DAS is also an ideal tool for preparing organizations for the advent of 5G connectivity. When carriers start upgrading their service areas to 5G, any organization with carrier equipment such as DAS will receive these upgrades automatically.

Choose the Right Tool

For all of its advantages, a DAS would not come without challenges. These can include the implementation of the equipment as well as monitoring and managing the system itself.  A DAS Indoor 5G solution from CBTS delivers all of the strengths of DAS while alleviating these pain points. Plus, it is fully supported and managed by CBTS on behalf of the user.

This solution not only supports all traditional frequencies in use today but is also geared toward the convenient adoption of new technologies such as 5G. Because it is fiber-based, the system is more affordable and easier to install with minimal disruption to regular day-to-day business operations. It also comes complete with 24×7 monitoring services, monthly analytic reports, flexible financing options, and more.

Plan for Tomorrow, Today

The advent of 5G is a double-edged sword for some: it offers stronger and faster connections but also comes with costs and complications. However, there are budget-friendly and convenient tools available to make 5G connections an attainable reality for any organization.

DAS Indoor 5G puts customizable upgrades within reach for companies looking to future-proof their wireless systems without the hassle of re-engineering their entire indoor wireless infrastructure.

Visit cbts.com/indoor5g for more information.

Preparing for 5G: Discover the benefits of a 5G-ready in-building wireless network.

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