Efficiency, security, and savings are in reach with managed database services

May 14, 2020
Author: Robert Johnson
Blog | Cloud

Cloud deployments are increasing steadily as new cloud products become more available and standardized. By 2021, revenues from cloud-based database management system (DBMS) solutions are expected to account for 50% of the total DBMS market revenue. By 2023, 75% of all databases are expected to be hosted on the cloud.

The availability and data protection offered by DBMS solutions can improve compliance and regulatory standards while also allowing enterprises to reduce the risk associated with managing critical systems and databases in-house. This can all be done by migrating to a dedicated or cloud-enabled DBMS platform aligned with the company’s existing technology and business goals.

CBTS offers a wide range of cloud-based managed database services, including in-depth review and assessment of a client’s existing database environment, migration and configuration assistance, and 24×7 monitoring and management.

Fully-managed database expertise

By partnering with CBTS, clients will gain access to 24×7 ongoing support from certified database administrators (DBAs) to ensure databases remain secure and accessible. CBTS will also configure each client environment to implement monitoring and management tools that will integrate with existing service management environments and that are built to meet guaranteed service level agreements.

Capabilities provided by a custom DBMS

A managed and purpose-built database platform can expand an enterprise’s functionality in several crucial sectors.

  • Review and assessment: CBTS offers in-depth surveys of your database environment and assistance with establishing both technical and business objectives, as well as recommendations and expert guidance.
  • Migrations and configurations: DBMS services come with project management to enable smooth migration away from legacy platforms, as well as design and deployment of the new database environment.
  • Monitoring and management: Clients will benefit from 24×7, hands-on operational support for their entire database environment, as well as backup, security, patch management, and data recovery services.

Additionally, clients will have access to highly skilled and experienced DBAs who can help guide the planning and execution of critical database development in a CBTS data center, public cloud, or remote third-party facility.

Efficiency, security, and savings with managed databases

Making a decision on your DBMS

Organizations considering cloud-based solutions should clearly define the events or circumstances motivating the decision to migrate. These factors include the expiration of a legacy database license, the obsolescence of previous database architecture, or simply a desire to automate database patch management.

The potential outcomes of transitioning to a managed cloud database solution should also be examined closely. This could involve carefully considering which parts of the business would benefit most from automation and increased data analysis speed, assessing how the new database would function within the business, or determining how much control and customization of the database that the company will need to maintain.

Lastly, enterprises will need to decide between an all-inclusive database hosted in the public cloud, which would automate infrastructure scalability but may have customization trade-offs, or a dedicated private instance that offers a suite of dedicated products and greater control of the custom database environment, but may incur higher licensing and management costs with little automation.

Why Managed Database by CBTS?

The skilled experts at CBTS offer the expertise and flexibility to build and deploy world-class database environments. We’re able to provide managed database solutions in a wide variety of models to best suit your objectives while offloading the day-to-day management workload and future-proofing your ability to respond to urgent data incidents.

A customized DBMS gives your organization no more or less than it needs while allowing your staff to mitigate risk. Our ongoing database management also supports a broad range of platforms—our experts will recommend what’s best for your use case.

The landscape of cloud-native database features and functions is changing rapidly. By partnering with CBTS for your managed database needs, you can worry less about navigating the chaos and focus more on your business objectives.

Contact us for more information on managed database solutions by CBTS.

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