SD-WAN mission critical for today’s workforce

May 03, 2019
Author: Jon Lloyd
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With today’s workers spread out in branch offices and remote sites across the United States and around the world, IT leaders must explore options like SD-WAN for improving their enterprise WAN performance. Employees expect to collaborate effortlessly no matter their location. They want instant access, on any device, to the cloud applications and rich-media files that are consuming more and more of your network’s bandwidth.

Bold changes in the ways people interact with their corporate environment demand bold thinking by IT professionals about enterprise WAN technology. That’s why CBTS and VeloCloud are focused on helping organizations rethink their enterprise WAN to handle ever-increasing demands.

CBTS, VeloCloud tailor enterprise WAN solutions for your needs

CBTS and VeloCloud networking experts are gathering with IT leaders at CIO Summits and Executive Briefings across North America to talk about SD-WAN. At these meetings, we leverage our combined expertise to whiteboard specific enterprise WAN plans based on pain points and growth. The goal is to ensure high performance and reliable access to the cloud services, private data centers, and SaaS applications that employees need.

SD-WAN offers multiple benefits to organizations of all sizes

Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of SD-WAN for today’s enterprise WANs:

Build better enterprise WAN for branch office connectivity

Adding bandwidth intensive cloud applications like Microsoft 365, Salesforce, and Marketo or Pardot to an already stretched enterprise WAN can sharply degrade performance. This is especially true when you consider all of the compute and storage functions migrating to the cloud.

MPLS-connected WANs deliver proven performance for a specific application, but aren’t suited for handling multiple cloud-hosted applications simultaneously. That’s where SD-WAN excels.

By connecting branch and remote sites to the corporate headquarters and data centers via the public internet, remote users can easily access:

  1. Their SaaS products for communications, scheduling, and collaboration.
  2. Corporate cloud software used for time tracking, CRM, marketing and sales functions, and office productivity.

SD-WAN helps maximize IT organization’s time

SD-WAN, as a software-focused approach, does not require the installation of network equipment at each site.

By moving network control to the cloud, SD-WAN gives IT staff a centralized dashboard to configure, maintain, and actively manage their entire corporate network. This eliminates the time and expense of sending IT staff to a branch or remote site for troubleshooting or updates.

SD-WAN provides access to cloud-based applications

With SD-WAN in place, Internet traffic can be analyzed and rebalanced in real time to grant users immediate access to an array of cloud apps.

Through actions such as Forward Error Correction (FEC), SD-WAN addresses packet loss, which can degrade public Internet performance. SD-WAN also ensures throughput stays constant or increases.

SD-WAN ultimately delivers the high-speed and low latency users demand while running cloud-based applications simultaneously throughout an organization.

Strengthen security of the enterprise WAN

In a conventional enterprise WAN environment, IT personnel must deploy dedicated security devices like firewalls and intrusion prevention systems. IT personnel must also implement predefined policies for groups or departments at each given location.

Security functions for SD-WAN, on the other hand, are built-in, granting protection of data and traffic across the entire network.

Security functions managed via the cloud gives IT personnel flexibility and control for protecting sensitive corporate network environments while reducing both latency and costs.

Benefits of SD-WAN as a managed service

Enterprise organizations employ only so much IT “bandwidth” they can dedicate to managing their enterprise WAN. This is especially true when their enterprise WAN stretches across regions, countries, or international borders.

That’s where the partnership between CBTS and VMware for VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud implementation is beneficial.

Organizations will reap the rewards of our combined expertise for design, implementation, management, and monitoring of their enterprise WAN environment. Their IT staffs can then focus on initiatives that drive growth or create efficiencies to stave off the competition.

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