Evaluate collaboration technology with 3 key questions

February 24, 2020
David Absalom
Director, Solution Design

Several collaboration technology platforms have emerged in recent years incorporating robust and secure voice, video, and content sharing functionality alongside its messaging.

Evaluating these different vendors and platforms goes far beyond researching the features and benefits of existing collaboration apps used inside the organization. The process also involves establishing user policies and formulating a plan for implementation and training.

Questions to ask when conducting research

Here are three questions companies need to ask when conducting their search:

  1. How established is the collaboration company and its tools, and is security a top priority? The top companies in the space use a holistic approach to security and will employ experienced security personnel to identify and eliminate threats proactively.
  2. How does the collaboration company support rollout and training? An experienced collaboration partner can help establish policies to reinforce your company’s security posture and simplify implementation across all functional teams.
  3. Does the collaboration solution support end-to-end connectivity required by today’s agile workforce? Managing your hosted application environment requires a high-performance solution to support visibility across the organization, monitor security threats in real-time, and implement changes to address threats quickly.
Balancing security risks with business needs for online collaboration technology

To keep security risks to a minimum, enterprises must begin to reign in and consolidate the numerous collaboration tools used by different teams throughout the organization.

Focus on security makes Cisco Webex a trusted collaboration technology

Cisco Webex┬« is a proven suite of applications enabling today’s global employees, virtual teams, and remote employees to work side-by-side to achieve objectives, as if in the same room. The security features built into Cisco Webex applications make it a trusted solution for corporations, institutions, and government agencies worldwide.

CBTS, a Cisco Webex Master Service Provider

Why hire a technology partner to manage implementation and ongoing support and maintenance of your collaboration solution? Because in-house teams working diligently to meet business goals for encouraging innovation through digital collaboration shouldn’t be burdened with ever-changing security and compliance responsibilities.

With CBTS as your technology partner, IT leaders can integrate new collaboration functionality into the corporate environment while continually addressing security concerns, no matter the location of distributed team members.

Learn more about the top goals of IT executives implementing collaboration technology and how CBTS can help.

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