How CBTS changes the game with the Network as a Service solution

November 24, 2020
Guest Author, Justin Smith
Managing Editor of CIO Review

What can a business do when its growth has outstripped its networking resources? With IT personnel stretched thin and struggling with limited budgets, many organizations have seen their networks suffer from increased downtime and higher operating expenses as a result. Over time, this has led to business networks becoming more difficult to manage, even in terms of simple day-to-day tasks.

That’s why so many organizations across a wide variety of industries have turned to Network as a Service (NaaS) to simplify and streamline their IT needs while gaining improved network reliability, total transparency, overall lower operating costs, and many more benefits. With NaaS, clients are able to offload the monotonous daily tasks from their in-house IT teams to CBTS experts, freeing up the client’s resources, which can then be dedicated to more long-term and mission-critical strategic initiatives.

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As the business world works tirelessly to match the relentless pace of cloud technology’s evolution, managed solutions like NaaS will only become more relevant and in-demand. In fact, NaaS’s flexibility in cloud-powered networks is one of the key factors of its rapid adoption rate—many top-performing companies are seeking a way to leverage the power of the cloud and with NaaS, CBTS delivers that power along with a dependable partnership and ongoing technical support. Currently, more than 600 clients in 5,000+ locations rely on NaaS by CBTS.

Currently, more than 600 clients in 5,000+ locations rely on NaaS by CBTS.

On top of providing measurable and superior business outcomes with its customized NaaS solutions, CBTS also brings to the table years of valuable experience in implementing unified communications (UC) services, software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) solutions, and other offerings that synergize to deliver clients a full-spectrum and future-forward networking strategy.

One aspect that makes the NaaS by CBTS offering unique is the involvement of Cisco Meraki, a platform that enables seamless expansion, maintenance, and security of a client’s managed network—all with unparalleled scalability. This leaves the client’s network in capable hands while it scales as needed and is kept safe from intrusion. These capabilities add up to a tremendous value for CBTS NaaS clients, who gain peace of mind and the precious breathing room necessary to reallocate their internal IT resources toward the mission-critical objectives that drive the growth of their companies.

CBTS also leverages automated monitoring capabilities to make seemingly complicated installations significantly more manageable. During the consultation and auditing phase, CBTS experts work closely with the client to solidify a functional template for the client network. This then allows CBTS to utilize a hybrid monitoring system and launch automated processes that manage the network with minimal input. These cutting-edge solutions make it possible to install NaaS environments quickly and painlessly.

One example of the success that NaaS by CBTS has brought to clients can be found in the story of Tire Discounters, an automotive service company based in the Midwestern United States that operates 137 locations. When Tire Discounters found itself in need of a new point-of-sale solution to process transactions and manage inventory, as well as a more standardized network to manage analytics across the corporation, the company turned to CBTS for support. After CBTS implemented a NaaS solution, Tire Discounters benefited from a seamless, interconnected, and managed networking environment that balanced more than a hundred disparate retail locations, leading to less network downtime and lower operating expenses.

NaaS by CBTS would not be the popular solution that it is without the trademark CBTS commitment to agility, adaptivity, and meeting client expectations at all levels. As the provider, we’re not content to sit still either—CBTS has plans in motion to launch new services to address demands in the marketplace for cyberthreat detection, patch management, multifactor user authentication, and more. NaaS has proven to be a gateway to the future of enterprise networking, and that future waits for no one.

Contact us for more information on how NaaS by CBTS can help streamline and simplify your organization’s network for the cloud age.

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