How CBTS ensures IT-business alignment

October 10, 2023
Author: Brandon Bowman
Blog | Thought Leadership

Why is it so difficult to build IT-business alignment? 

Traditionally, business leaders and IT departments have operated within separate silos, resulting in a misalignment of goals. Business leaders believe their IT managers don’t understand their organization’s or enterprise’s unique nature or goals and subsequently, IT leaders sometimes find their finely-tuned plans mismanaged or are left to wonder whether their work is making an impact. 

In recent years, an evolving approach has emerged aimed at building greater teamwork across the IT-business divide. Breaking down the walls of those silos and creating an environment that creates a harmonious relationship between IT leaders and business leadership can lead to increased efficiency, productivity, and profits.  

CBTS recognizes the importance of aspiring to a perfect IT-business alignment, which is critical for success. That’s why we’ve developed a holistic methodology tailored to a client’s business and technology needs. Our customizable roadmap ensures that we assess, design, deploy, and operate solutions that align with your organization’s growth goals.

What can you expect when choosing CBTS to help create a better, more functional IT-business alignment? It starts with listening. 

Crafting and managing a functional IT-business alignment means learning about your organization, your workflows, and your goals to help us design tailored solutions that fit your business. An optimal alignment will positively impact team performance and engagement as they rally around shared goals. Our job is to help our clients identify their goals so they can get the most out of their business relationships. 

Here’s how we do it:

Step 1: Assessing your current landscape

CBTS starts by assessing the value of emerging technology against existing technologies. We take a vendor-agnostic approach, always keeping business outcomes in mind. Doing so lets us determine which technologies will be most effective for your organization.

Step 2: Designing solutions for your organization

CBTS understands that every organization has differing needs. Once we completely understand yours, we take a holistic approach to designing a personalized mix of interconnected applications, platforms, and operations for your organization, ensuring that all IT infrastructure components work together seamlessly and securely to deliver optimal results.

Step 3: Deploying our designs

We understand that migrating mission-critical applications can be daunting. Many pitfalls and risks await inexperienced organizations. As a trusted advisor, we understand how to migrate mission-critical applications successfully. 

Step 4: Managing and monitoring operations

Once our project enters the operations phase, our team of experts monitors modernized applications and associated cloud and on-prem platforms to ensure peak performance. CBTS ongoing support ensures that your IT infrastructure continues to deliver the results you need over the long term.

What to expect from CBTS:

We stay on task

The ideal provider maintains a razor-sharp focus on the task at hand. If you enlist CBTS to help bring your IT into greater alignment with your business, we stick to our designated responsibilities. There’s a well-defined flow that separates job sharing and duties. We honor those roles, adhere to the established process, and utilize our abilities to achieve targeted objectives—without causing unnecessary disruptions.

We know when to say no

A solution for one company might not work for another. When consulting, we are honest and upfront, especially if we feel our solution isn’t the right fit. 

We are always responsive

Surprisingly, some providers don’t promptly respond in a world of almost constant connection. We can assure you that our teams at CBTS are there for you when you need answers. 

Big enough to matter, small enough to flex

Our size and know-how allow CBTS to deliver results, even in the most complex environments. We are flexible enough to shift focus in the event of an emergency or when business conditions demand a change in services to keep an organization on track. Additionally, we have experience and certifications in a variety of technologies needed to meet any challenges as they arise.

Contact us today and discover how we ensure team alignment with your overall business strategy. 

Brandon Bowman is Chief Operating Officer at CBTS. Brandon is responsible for all CBTS CBTS cloud solutions—including the consulting, design, delivery, and maintenance teams—as well as IT Operations and Human Resources. Brandon joined CBTS in June 2016 as part of the CBTS Cloud practice focused on building transformation teams to enable public cloud migrations and services.

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