How cloud capabilities benefit financial institutions

October 12, 2018
Brian Mescher

Financial institutions can harness the power of the cloud and managed services to make a positive investment in their continued success.

Financial institutions typically have their own infrastructure hardware, which requires regular equipment updates and maintenance even as it continually moves toward end of life. This cycle requires significant capital requirements and involves specialized personnel and skill-sets.

Hosting mission-critical financial and office management systems off-site, or “in the cloud,” allows institution to save money while giving them the confidence that confidential information and customer data are secure. At the same time, these institutions can address stringent compliance and regulatory requirements.

Financial institutions should seek out cloud providers that specialize in “enterprise-class IT,” rather than services best suited for small businesses that do not have the exceptional speed, reliability, scalability, and security requirements of a financial organization.

CBTS managed cloud services deliver enterprise-class IT models that financial institutions – and their clients – need and expect. Our cloud is secure, robust, scalable, and optimized for any financial institution at a predictable monthly rate.

Financial institutions and the requirements of the cloud

FDIC regulatory requirements are designed to keep customer and client information safe.  Any financial institution that migrates to a cloud-based IT operations model must hold the cloud provider to those same high standards.

As financial institutions grow, so do the demands facing IT resources. When the FDIC and other regulatory bodies implement new regulations, which require compliance, it can be cost prohibitive for a single institution – especially one with multiple branches – to meet those requirements.

CBTS as your managed cloud service provider

All cloud service providers are not created equal. Even those that meet all regulatory requirements have internal features that vary from provider to provider.

The CBTS cloud and managed services give your institution a team of dedicated IT professionals that work to ensure compliance is met at all times.

When you work with CBTS, your IT staff is freed from the necessity of “patching” or upgrading infrastructure software, and from the daily firefighting of mundane tasks. Partnering with CBTS allows your staff to focus on service requests and high-priority initiatives that drive the bottom line.

You can then invest your IT staff’s increased availability into improving the client’s experience and satisfaction, or to introduce new efficiency boosting systems across your organization.


Financial institutions that utilize the power of the cloud can grow or, if necessary, downsize infrastructure needs with ease, while being economical and compliant.

Our IT teams provide managed cloud and data services that are customizable to your financial institution. Our experts are deeply experienced providers of cloud essentials for the financial sector. CBTS remote monitoring and management services like anti-virus, cyber defense, and disaster recovery solutions are critical to the security of your institution’s confidential information and ability to stay relevant as technology rapidly progresses.

To learn more, read our case study on how CBTS cloud and managed services provided successful results for a credit union experiencing rapid growth with limited IT resources.

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