Meet uptime and dependability targets with NaaS

June 13, 2017
Author: CBTS
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Whether your manufacturing business is large or small, 24x7x365 uptime availability and secure, dependable operations are critical to success. Regardless of the cause, network equipment or software failures in the factory environment threaten productivity and competitiveness and could result in unnecessary and potentially devastating manufacturing delays. Fortunately, Network as a Service (NaaS) offers a solution. By moving from an MPLS network to the NaaS approach, your company could utilize reliable, managed connectivity between locations provided by a trusted network services advisor to eliminate downtime while reducing CapEx costs.

NaaS Scalability and Security

NaaS is a highly scalable approach that meets the IT requirements of both single- and multi-location businesses. Companies pay a monthly fee that covers the equipment, network management services, and support along with an extended warranty program that ends technology obsolescence by building automatic and managed hardware upgrades into the solution lifecycle.

NaaS solutions empower SMB through enterprise organization with the ability to focus on their core businesses, to grow their companies and achieve enterprise-grade network capabilities without the headaches of learning the ins and outs of network management. These solutions also integrate state-of-the-art SD-WAN technology that enables larger midmarket and enterprise businesses with multiple sites to achieve centralized, highly customizable network management solutions with multilevel perimeter security from an on-premises location.

Easy & Efficient Integration

CBTS’ NaaS solutions with SD-WAN are delivered as easy to install all-in-one network appliances that seamlessly connect multiple locations together while supplying advanced network analytics. Based on Cisco’s Meraki technology, the solutions also provide cloud integration, dashboard-based network monitoring and management, a next-generation firewall for network security, Wi-Fi for agile manufacturing on the shop floor, and flexible routing and switching for taking bandwidth to new heights.

Multi-location businesses now have access to customized solutions to address their specific IT needs, making it easier to use available resources more efficiently without sacrificing security. Branch locations can take advantage of bandwidth-intensive applications that were once limited to larger hub offices. Using Meraki’s built-in auto VPN technology, NaaS solutions quickly plug in to facilitate distributed networking over the Internet, cellular wireless networks, and existing MPLS infrastructures.

Security doesn’t stop at the firewall layer. NaaS solutions with SD-WAN also integrate security tools that include unified threat management, intrusion detection and prevention systems, gateway antivirus software, content filtering, application control, and advanced encryption standards for data privacy, which is particularly useful for companies that partner and share data with manufacturing entities across the globe.

Reduce manufacturing vulnerabilities while increasing productivity and maintaining uptime with CBTS’ comprehensive NaaS solutions. This secure, cost-saving solution with SD-WAN connectivity makes it easy to migrate to a higher-performance network while reducing IT management burdens for operations of all sizes.

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