NaaS helps school districts engage students

May 16, 2019
Tim Lonsway
Vice President, SLED

School districts are caught between a rock and a hard place when it comes to technology funding. The rock is the budget, which is usually stretched to the max. The hard place is the relentless need for new technologies.

Case Study: Read how CBTS NaaS addresses the unique pain points facing school districts in a cost-efficient and future-proof manner.

Connectivity is critical in today’s educational environment. Students must have access to data across multiple locations. Students need to communicate on a wide scale. And students are increasingly required to submit assignments on various digital platforms.

Failure to provide the necessary technologies will ultimately isolate students.

School districts have unique networking needs

Maintaining broadband connectivity is an expensive and highly inefficient prospect.

School districts, on average, serve at least 30,000 students. Their networking needs rival those of Fortune 500 companies, yet capacity largely sits idle after the school day ends. Cash-strapped schools require a better networking solution.

NaaS offers school districts flexible, efficient solution

Many districts are turning to CBTS for Network as a Service (NaaS).

CBTS NaaS is managed via a user-friendly dashboard that provides complete visibility into the network. The solution evolves without complex hardware deployments, disruption of service, or gaps in security.

NaaS enables districts to move from a fixed capital cost (CapEx) to an on-demand operational cost (OpEx). This means schools only pay for what they need.

NaaS offers value to school districts beyond connectivity

The CBTS managed Network as a Service portfolio provides school systems reliable network access. The solution meets connectivity needs in a number of ways:

  • Automated Virtual Private Networking. Auto VPN allows local area networks (LANs) to easily be connected, secured, and decommissioned.
  • Offloaded Management. CBTS provides expert engineering support 24x7x365 for your network. CBTS constantly monitors the network for threats, and stops them without disrupting your team.
  • Cost Control. CBTS service is available at a fixed rate for a predictable monthly fee.
  • Security. CBTS allows clients to set their own rules and integrate appropriate security measures for each type of user. For schools, these users include students, teachers, administrators, and facilities maintenance.
  • Constant Protection. CBTS offers proactive monitoring to provide early detection of network infractions and threats.

School districts access cutting edge technology with NaaS

NaaS also allows school districts to remain on the cutting edge of networking technology.

CBTS clients enjoy the most advanced technologies when they become available. These technologies include intelligent analytics, software-defined network architectures, and Power-over-Ethernet (PoE).

CBTS offers flexible support to school districts

CBTS helps clients quickly implement new technologies with no downtime or security risks. CBTS can fully manage your NaaS stack, or we can custom-tailor our engagement based on your organization’s needs.

CBTS helps school districts stay focused on supporting students

School systems must deliver a wide range of digital services to remain relevant. This requires an advanced, flexible, and cost-efficient network.

School districts that leverage the CBTS NaaS solution are better equipped to enhance the educational experience for students. These school districts will enjoy improved performance and ensure cost efficiencies for administration, parents, and taxpayers.

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