NaaS solution meets automobile retailer’s needs

May 10, 2019
Grey Borneman

CBTS helps clients across industries leverage Network as a Service to meet their individual needs. An automobile retailer with a wide network of franchised dealerships approached CBTS looking for a managed network solution to support its future business strategy. The client had a multiprotocol label switching (MPLS)-based network and was concerned about its ability to handle growth.

Case Study: Learn how the CBTS NaaS solution helped an automobile retailer achieve 20% cost savings.

Automobile retailer’s business challenges

The client owns a network of franchised automobile dealerships across three states. The client has three business units located in Greater Cincinnati, Columbus, and Salt Lake City. Its expensive MPLS connections were supporting 16 sites and provided access to critical applications through the client’s data center.

The automobile retailer had the following needs:

  1. A managed network solution. To ensure a reliable connection for the automobile dealer’s current and future locations.
  2. Additional Internet bandwidth. To support dealer-specific and proprietary applications without making additional investments in software or hardware.
  3. Short-term support for existing infrastructure with long-term implementation strategy. The retailer’s MPLS contracts had various expiration dates and limited in-house IT resources. It needed a provider to help implement this technology.

Developing a comprehensive NaaS solution

CBTS determined the client should move to Network as a Service (NaaS) technology.

NaaS is a Wi-Fi enabled network that provides centralized data services throughout multiple locations. This allows clients to share wireless connectivity, analytics, and other resources.

The CBTS development and operations team planned, developed, and implemented the solution. The solution was installed at 16 customer sites within 30 days. It was also integrated with the automobile retailer’s existing MPLS and routing infrastructure. This mitigated the impact on the client’s existing IT resources.

Achieving desired results

With NaaS, the automobile retailer achieved the following results:

  • Improved speed and reliability. This was achieved by moving the retailer’s network infrastructure to the cloud.
  • Sufficient bandwidth. This bandwidth can now support the retailer’s business units.
  • Scalability. This allows the client to add and remove dealerships in the future.
  • 50/50 Internet connection. This connection provides low-cost bandwidth that complements and enhances the retailer’s existing 10/10 MPLS connection.
  • Built-in hardware refresh. Eliminates the retailer’s obsolete equipment.
  • CBTS managed network solution. CBTS manages and monitors the solution, providing 24x7x365 adjustments and troubleshooting. This allows the automobile retailer to manage its locations without worrying about IT issues.


Learn more

Network as a Service (NaaS) from CBTS provides businesses with a scalable method of supporting, maintaining, expanding, and securing today’s commercial networks. To learn more about the solutions CBTS provided to the automobile retailer, download the case study.

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