Retail networking solutions support security needs

March 05, 2019
Author: Grey Borneman
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Network security is a critical issue for retailers and their customers.  CBTS offers retail networking solutions that include data protection services to ensure retailer data is neither lost nor compromised, and we partner with leading security and technology manufacturers to identify vulnerabilities in retail systems.

CBTS offers support 24x7x365

CBTS performs penetration, social engineering, and phishing tests, as well as environment, application, architectural infrastructure, wireless, and technology-specific assessments. These evaluations locate problem areas and recommend retail networking solutions to support your security.

Retailers also must have an extensive network security plan in place, complete with training on how to implement the plan in the event of an attack or breach. CBTS designs, builds, implements, documents, and tests disaster recovery preparedness programs to ensure retailers are covered 24x7x365. Our highly trained experts manage and monitor our retail networking solutions, and react immediately in the event of a threat.

Let CBTS help you address major network security issues

CBTS retail networking solutions address the major network security issues that today’s retailers face. With CBTS Network as a Service (NaaS), anti-malware and perimeter defense technologies protect your mission-critical systems against digital threats that could compromise business and customer data. CBTS NaaS also offers enterprise-grade firewall and security components to shield your network from malicious attacks.

Our NaaS solution works with current payment card industry (PCI) compliance solutions and adds state-of-the-art Intrusion Detection (IDS) and Intrusion Prevention (IPS) Systems. In addition, our Optical Sensor Cameras provide a continuous headcount of visitors while monitoring and recording their behaviors and patterns to provide enhanced visibility of your physical retail location’s security needs.

CBTS retail networking solutions help clients focus on customers

Customers will engage with retailers, and buy their products, if retailers can demonstrate customer data is protected. CBTS retail networking solutions facilitate network security for retailers, so that these businesses can focus on supporting customers.

At CBTS, your business is our priority. With a variety of solutions from data management to cloud serviceswe have what retailers need to increase sales in 2019 and beyond. Contact us today to see what CBTS  can do for your retail environment.

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