Strategic technology partnerships with industry leaders

January 25, 2024
Author: Steve Lankard
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In today’s ever-changing technology landscape, strategic technology partnerships are crucial. Being a good technology partner means more than just offering leading, cutting-edge products. Leading technology partners work together with CBTS to prioritize our clients’ business objectives. Where our partners have exceptional products, support, and value, CBTS has meaningful, strategic, long-term relationships with industry leaders, innovators, and market disruptors. CBTS mutually invests in creating design, advisory, and implementation capabilities that drive measurable business value for our clients.

Customer-focused—with a broad partner portfolio

Today’s successful enterprises stay ahead of the competition. They work with competent, innovative solutions providers who offer complete solutions that drive their successful project and business outcomes.

Companies must identify the optimal tools, platforms, and environments to create the most effective technology stack. By leveraging a customer-focused solutions provider with access to the broad landscape of IT manufacturers, enterprises can achieve their business goals and gain an edge over competitors.

Certifications and partnership status

CBTS has over 2,500 certifications spanning various partnerships. These certifications play a pivotal role in assuring our clients that they are collaborating with highly skilled professionals with expertise in their chosen technology. These certificates are tangible evidence of our dedication to fulfilling partner requirements and effectively addressing client needs.

CBTS certifications and partnerships empower our team to consistently deliver top-tier services that align with the latest technologies. Furthermore, it ensures we are well-equipped to execute implementations swiftly and confidently.

Our clients benefit from reduced risks and gain access to a wealth of experience for tackling complex projects and overcoming challenges. 

Our long-standing technology partnerships with industry leaders 

By teaming up with CBTS, your organization gains access to dozens of our strategic technology partnerships, including: 


Managed Public Cloud on AWS is an ideal cloud solution and helps empower developers to focus on core application functionality, automate infrastructure as code, and scale on demand. This solution also drives cost savings and provides increased security. As an Advanced AWS Consulting Partner with over 50 AWS certifications, CBTS is the ideal candidate to ensure your journey to the public cloud is successful. Learn more about our partnership. 


Cisco is one of the most prominent providers in the networking and technology industry. As a Cisco Gold Partner with more than 260 Cisco certifications, CBTS has earned several Master and Advanced specializations in various product categories, including collaboration, data center, hybrid cloud, and security. Learn more about our partnership. 

Cisco Meraki

Enterprises expand geographically and boost revenue by engaging a Cisco Meraki Partner for a Network-as-a-Service solution. Working with a Cisco Gold Partner like CBTS ensures expert product support for Cisco Meraki products. Learn more about our partnership.


Dell offers a variety of hardware, software, and services that are known for their sustainability, reliability, performance, scalability, flexibility, and compatibility. As a Dell Titanium partner, CBTS relies on its technical and sales certifications to help clients maximize the value of Dell EMC technology for their business goals. Learn more about our partnership.


Businesses team with an HPE Platinum partner to ensure their infrastructure is modern, scalable, secure, and reliably connected. As a Platinum Partner, CBTS can provide our customers with the expertise, experience, and IT solutions that fulfill their business objectives. Learn more about our partnership.

HPE Aruba

Aruba is a leading provider in Wi-Fi 6, switching, SD-Branch, and Data Center networking. As a Platinum partner, CBTS holds the highest technical accreditations and certificates, guaranteeing you the best pricing and the highest level of service. Learn more about our partnership.

Palo Alto

Palo Alto Networks is a leader in networking solutions and offers complete solutions, including security needs in an evolving landscape. Their suite of products includes Prisma SASE, Prisma Access, and Prisma SD-WAN, which are delivered and managed by CBTS, a Palo Alto partner with Diamond Innovator status. Learn more about our partnership.

See the complete list of our strategic technology partnerships here.

Independent assessment and customized solutions

CBTS focuses on the specific needs and requirements of our clients. Our expert-level professionals assess the environment and find the optimal solutions to address and solve business problems. Unlike tech partners tied to a limited number of OEM partner relationships, by staying vendor agnostic, CBTS offers unbiased recommendations that best benefit our clients.

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