The Cisco Gold Partner advantage

April 11, 2024
Author: CBTS
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Selecting a Cisco Gold Partner

Cisco remains one of the most prominent names in the networking and technology industry, offering a range of networking equipment, software, and services including routers, switches, firewalls, wireless access points, security appliances, and more. Their products are versatile and are commonly found in large enterprise networks, data centers, and service provider networks.

Working with a Cisco Gold Partner means trusting your business to an established company with a track record of success to meet their clients’ technology needs effectively.

An advantage of teaming with a Cisco Gold Partner is access to Cisco devices with high levels of customization and configurability. Cisco Partners are ideal for organizations with specific networking requirements and in need of IT expertise. 

The benefits of Cisco Gold Partnership

If you are considering a hybrid work model for your enterprise, having the right tools is essential to help you achieve improved productivity, cost savings, and better customer experiences. Cisco can help to ensure that your video meetings are user-friendly, your teams can collaborate seamlessly, your data is secure no matter where your employees work, and everything runs smoothly and effortlessly.

Achieving the Cisco Gold Partner certification is a testament to a partner’s loyalty to Cisco and its commitment to delivering exceptional services that drive customer success. To qualify, partners are required to achieve a minimum number of Cisco Certified Individuals and pass various exams.

Apart from this, Cisco Gold Partners are also required to achieve a certain number of Cisco Specializations in various technology areas, such as collaboration, data center, security, enterprise networking, and service providers.

Additionally, Cisco Gold Partners must maintain a certain number of Cisco Certified Individuals on their staff, including individuals with certifications like Cisco Certified Design Professional (CCDP) and Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP).

Make CBTS your Cisco Partner

CBTS became a Partner Managed Services Industry Innovation Partner of the Year at the Cisco Partner Summit 2022. Cisco Partner certifications are granted to channel partners who have demonstrated exceptional business practices and methodologies, effectively addressed business challenges, achieved architecture-led successes, and exhibited innovative processes. 

As a Cisco Gold Partner, CBTS has earned several Master and Advanced specializations in various product categories, including collaboration, data center, hybrid cloud, and security. With over 260 Cisco certifications, CBTS has provided customized solutions to thousands of Cisco customers for over 27 years, leveraging their breadth and depth of expertise and experience. 

Discover how CBTS can help your enterprise join thousands of customers in leveraging the power of Cisco systems.

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