Three solutions cloud brings to governments

August 15, 2018
Chris Munoz

State and local government organizations across the country are facing a variety of new challenges.

Budgets are tighter. New technologies offer ways to be more efficient, but government agencies may not have the time, talent, or resources to implement them properly. There is pressure to be more innovative—not just to improve services, but also to attract jobs.

But each of these challenges also offer an opportunity to transform and better serve your community. And that opportunity is in tailored cloud solutions.

Governments are expected to do more with less.

Whether you’re a state government serving millions, or a small local agency serving a specific need for a small community, your constituents’ expectations are constantly growing.

Thanks to the instant gratification of the digital world, the community you serve is less likely to tolerate the slow pace of traditional bureaucratic processes. They want to access their benefits, communicate with your organization, and find information to solve their problem—and they want it now. Your constituents want to see your organization using technology to improve their lives and communities.

At the same time, your organization is tasked with making responsible use of taxpayer funds. Can your organization meet those always-on demands while staying on budget?

A managed cloud solution can make it happen. In addition to always-on reliability, your organization will be able to leverage new and innovative technologies like AI, big data, and IoT to better serve your community. And you’ll be able to keep everything up and running with robust cloud-based data backup and disaster recovery options.

Governments face evolving security threats, increasing privacy standards.

Your organization is entrusted with large amounts of personal data, and it’s your duty to protect it. But this data makes government organizations and agencies valuable targets for cybercriminals. Governments are taking these threats seriously, and many are enacting stricter privacy and security regulations to help combat these attacks.

Attacks are also becoming increasingly sophisticated, so it can be time consuming and expensive to stay several steps ahead of the threat. By migrating to the cloud, you can offload the burden of security to a trusted cloud provider and security expert.

No matter what cloud option you select—public, private, or hybrid—your organization will be able to access the enterprise-level security measures that keep your data safe. And cloud-based data backup and disaster recovery solutions can help protect your organization from everything from natural disasters to ransomware.

Streamlining and consolidating your organization’s technology is more important than ever.

Departments and agencies across your organization should be able to work together and collaborate easily—but thanks to disparate systems, software, and applications, it doesn’t always work that way. And managing and maintaining a complex web of different technologies across your organization can be a headache.

Streamlining your technology improves productivity and collaboration, and also saves your IT team both time and resources. It can also help provide a more seamless experience for your constituents.

Centralizing your IT solutions in the cloud will not only simplify your IT operations, it will allow for automated deployments, updates, and support across your organization.

CBTS provides tailored cloud solutions for state and local governments

No two cloud migrations are the same. But the cloud experts at CBTS have helped organizations of all sizes and across all industries navigate their journey to the cloud. CBTS offers end-to-end cloud solutions that assess, plan, implement, manage, and support the cloud solution that meets your organization’s unique needs.

The cloud offers a variety of benefits for state and local governments:

  • Scale easily as your organization’s needs change
  • Move from a CapEx model to an OpEx model
  • End the cycle of maintaining, repairing, and replacing outdated technology
  • Meet your constituents’ expectations with the latest technology
  • Cut costs by paying only for what you use
  • Protect your organization’s data with enterprise-level security features and robust backup and disaster recovery solutions
  • Comply with government regulations

Your organization’s cloud options seem limitless, so partnering with an experienced cloud provider is a great way to find the right fit. The CBTS Cloud Assessment services will take stock of your organization’s goals and existing IT environment. Our cloud experts will then offer you clear guidance on the cloud solution and migration strategy that meet your needs.

Download our free infosheet to learn more about our Cloud Assessment services and start your journey to the cloud today.

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