Tips for a secure cloud migration using AWS managed services

July 12, 2023
Chris Munoz
VP & Principal Cloud Practice

While there are several viable public cloud platforms, AWS has been recognized by Gartner as a quadrant leader for 12 years in a row. AWS is a robust public cloud option that Gartner recognizes as having a very promising future. CBTS offers AWS managed services to position companies of all sizes as leaders in innovation and bolster their capabilities.

Because AWS has a vast and complex portfolio of cloud offerings, the challenge for most companies will not be in adopting AWS but in optimizing and refining AWS to conform to their existing systems. CBTS is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner. With over 80 unique certifications, our AWS engineers and architects are qualified to ensure the success of migration or cloud-native workloads.

But what exactly is involved in migration? What are the best practices? How can your team best prepare?

Why consider AWS managed services?

Paired with the holistic management techniques from CBTS, managed AWS cloud services are a powerful tool that reinvigorates workflows and systems throughout your organization.


AWS provides more enterprise cloud resources than any other provider currently on the market. Surveys from IT leaders frequently demonstrate that AWS is regarded as a leader in cloud infrastructure and Platform as a Service (PaaS).


AWS services companies of every size across industries. Small businesses, startups, midsize companies, and large enterprises rely on AWS for cloud services.


AWS is among the oldest cloud service providers—with a stellar reputation, not only as a cloud services provider but as a complete digital ecosystem provider.

Benefits of AWS managed services

Migration to managed AWS public cloud services provides many transformational benefits:

  • Cost efficiency. Shift from CapEx to OpEx and utilize a-la-carte service offerings.
  • Innovation. Access cutting-edge technology and emerging AI-powered tools.
  • Efficiency. Streamline workflows with cloud-based collaboration tools.
  • Backup and disaster recovery. Automatic backups and cloud-enabled Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS).
  • Security. Access next-gen threat prevention tools.
  • Reliable infrastructure and access. Maximize uptime through robust, geo-redundant systems.
  • Compliance support. CBTS compliance experts help you manage data compliance and governance pitfalls.
  • Centralized control. Monitor and assess company-wide systems through a customized admin single-pane-of-glass dashboard.
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    The CBTS approach

    CBTS provides solutions for organizations at each stage of digital transformation by leveraging proven frameworks.

    Tier 1: Foundation

    The initial tier is ideally suited for organizations transitioning from an on-premises data center to the Cloud. Additionally, these companies might need support when migrating from a VMware environment to AWS via a “lift and shift” modernization. Tier 1 is an excellent choice for companies that need flexibility and want to maintain as much control of their digital ecosystem as possible.

    Tier 2: Advanced

    The advanced tier provides optimization support for organizations already utilizing the Cloud. CBTS AWS architects and engineers assess the client’s current infrastructure and make recommendations on how to incorporate cloud-native deployments. Additionally, the CBTS team aids the client in optimizing billing and visibility into utilization.

    Tier 3: PaaS/DevOps

    Building on the previous tiers, Tier 3 supports Platform as a Service and DevOps transformations. This tier is suited for organizations looking to speed development with automation tools. Additionally, containers and serverless computing maximize the options for developers seeking to speed up time-to-market and implement continuous deployment.

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    AWS Well-Architected Framework

    The Well-Architected Framework lays out key concepts, design principles, and best practices for optimizing workloads with AWS. AWS uses the Well-Architected Framework to support cloud architects and promote a higher standard of cloud delivery. AWS provides a consistent approach, built around six pillars:

    • Operational excellence: Add value to business processes and continuously improve monitoring and system performance.
    • Security: Secure all systems, data, and digital assets while maintaining optimum performance. Risk assessments should be conducted regularly, especially during migrations.
    • Reliability: Customers should be able to access their systems as much as possible, and partners are responsible for minimizing outages, with contingencies in place to address outages caused by malware, hardware failure, or operator error.
    • Performance: Constantly assess and allocate workload resources to ensure maximum efficiency.
    • Cost efficiency: Correctly managing workload resources ensures that costs remain aligned with technology budgets and that unnecessary costs are not accrued.
    • Sustainability: Minimize footprints across economic, environmental, and societal spheres through maximized efficiency in all resources and systems.

    Why CBTS?

    Over several decades, CBTS refined the cloud adoption process that hundreds of satisfied customers have vetted:

    • Assess: Our team of elite AWS engineers will help you fully understand your current data environment, assess data risks, and plan a successful migration.
    • Design: Our team maps out well-architected solutions using the previously discussed AWS pillars.
    • Migrate/build: At this point, the CBTS engineers migrate selected applications, systems, or infrastructure to the newly designed cloud or deploy cloud-native solutions.
    • Manage: Last but not least, our team can take over the management of cloud ops and free your IT team up for mission-critical projects.

    CBTS is a turnkey AWS managed services partner. A deep understanding of cloud-native and industry-standard tools allows us to maximize resources for each AWS workload, and we offer round-the-clock support with our 24x7x365 tech support helpline or chat.

    Get in touch today to learn more about how CBTS can guide your AWS managed services journey.

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