Why businesses win by choosing a Cisco Meraki Partner

March 28, 2024
Author: CBTS
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More and more business leaders opt for managed networking solutions like Network as a Service (NaaS). By engaging a Cisco Meraki Partner for a NaaS solution, enterprises expand geographically and boost revenue without the burden of increased expenses. 

The benefit comes from bundling hardware, licensing, configuration, implementation, and co-management into one monthly expense, which is scalable to meet a company’s unique needs.

Cisco Meraki is a cloud-first networking solution that simplifies network management and monitoring by providing cloud-managed devices like access points, switches, security appliances, and cameras. 

A key feature of teaming with a Cisco Meraki Partner is its cloud-based management platform. This platform allows administrators to manage and monitor their network devices from a central dashboard accessible through a web browser, which reduces the need for on-site IT expertise and complex CLI configurations.

The devices are designed for easy deployment and intuitive user interfaces, making them ideal for organizations that want a streamlined and user-friendly network management experience. 

Cisco Gold Partner

Working with a Cisco Gold Partner ensures expert product support for Cisco Meraki products. 

Authorized partners offer access to Meraki’s support team through various channels and can provide specialization options for clients who need supplementary support in a specific area of network security. You can also ensure proper licensure and network security protection by purchasing from an authorized reseller.

Becoming a Cisco Gold Partner requires achieving Premier Certified Partner status by meeting specific stringent criteria, including earning a minimum number of Cisco certified individuals and passing various exams. 

Additionally, Cisco Gold Partners are typically required to achieve a threshold number of Cisco specializations in various technology areas such as Collaboration, Data Centers, Security, Enterprise Networking, and Service Providers. 

Finally, Cisco Gold Partners must have a minimum number of Cisco certified individuals on staff, including individuals with Cisco Certified Network Professional and Cisco Certified Design Professional certifications.

Make CBTS your Cisco Meraki Partner

As a Cisco Meraki Partner and Cisco Gold Partner in the U.S., CBTS has experienced significant growth thanks to Meraki MX’s transport-agnostic feature. We have transitioned from a regional MPLS provider to a managed WAN provider covering North America, gaining more than 600 unique WAN customers in just four years. 

CBTS won Cisco Partner of the Year Awards for: 

  • Security Technology Excellence.
  • Managed Services Industry Innovation.
  • Webex Managed Services.
  • Innovation in SLED.

By leveraging Meraki API and webhooks, we have provided proactive network management and issue resolution, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and reduced time to resolution. 

CBTS has expanded its Meraki offering to include innovative solutions such as Meraki Insights, MV Sense, and Adaptive Policy, adding value to the customer life cycle and increasing their average revenue per user (ARPU). Meraki has enabled CBTS to outperform traditional managed service offerings.

If you’re interested in learning more, contact CBTS and learn how Cisco Meraki can help your organization simplify operating expenses while achieving its strategic networking goals.

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