Why work with an HPE Platinum Partner like CBTS?

April 04, 2024
Author: CBTS
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Businesses team with an HPE Platinum Partner because they understand that remaining competitive requires agility and adaptability. For IT teams, that means ensuring their infrastructure is modern, scalable, and secure, with reliable connectivity. With AI becoming increasingly critical, IT teams must tackle new challenges to meet evolving business objectives. 

To accomplish this mission, many IT teams manage complex hybrid multi-cloud environments that combine various public clouds, co-location, and on-premise data centers. These environments pose unique challenges regarding cost and scalability, mainly when modern and legacy applications must run simultaneously while complying with regulations. Adding to the complexity are the recent challenges in procuring hardware. By addressing these challenges, companies can position themselves for success in the ever-changing market dynamics.

Teaming with an HPE Platinum Partner like CBTS gives you access to the tools, processes, and resources that help you move your organization forward. 

Working with an HPE Platinum Partner gives you access to:

  • HPE Cray Supercomputing: Using vast data available through supercomputing-powered modeling and AI is crucial for achieving a competitive edge. HPE Cray XD and EX supercomputers provide exascale technologies, paving the way for groundbreaking innovation and unprecedented accomplishments.
  • HPE ProLiant Compute: Protect your infrastructure, workloads, and data with HPE ProLiant servers that prioritize safety and security. These servers feature robust security to safeguard against the constantly changing threats in today’s digital world.
  • HPE Alletra Storage: Utilizing storage as a service provides a cloud operational experience that streamlines data management no matter where your applications and data are located.
  • HPE Aruba Networking: Aruba offers a complete solution to fulfill customers’ requirements for connectivity, security, and financial management in various environments such as campus, branch, data center, and remote worker spaces. This cloud-native approach covers all aspects of wired, wireless LAN, and wide-area networking.
  • HPE Ezmeral Software: More and more organizations are adopting data fabric technology to achieve greater control, visibility, and accessibility across their hybrid and multi-cloud architectures.
  • HPE GreenLake: HPE GreenLake provides a cloud-like experience no matter where your applications and information are located, including edge, data center, and public clouds. HPE GreenLake operates on a pay-as-you-go model and runs on an open and highly secure edge-to-cloud platform, offering the flexibility you need to explore new business opportunities.

What an HPE Platinum Partnership means

Receiving HPE’s Platinum Partnership status is a testament to exceptional sales performance and the achievement of the highest levels of technical accreditation. As a Platinum Partner, CBTS can provide our customers with the expertise, experience, and IT solutions that fulfill their business objectives. 

Working closely with HPE, CBTS develops innovative solutions that leverage our industry knowledge and technical capabilities, supported by HPE’s leading technologies.

Make CBTS your HPE partner

CBTS is a leading provider of technology solutions for businesses of all sizes in North America. With a focus on delivering flexible and scalable solutions, CBTS offers a range of services, including Application Modernization, Managed Hybrid Cloud, Cybersecurity, Unified Communications, and Infrastructure solutions.

Our experts help clients achieve their business goals by developing and deploying modern applications and secure, scalable platforms. Whether you need help managing, monitoring, or optimizing your operations, CBTS is committed to providing comprehensive technology solutions that meet your unique needs.

CBTS has been a trusted partner of HPE for over 30 years, recognized as both a Platinum and Inner Circle Partner. Our team of 1,500 highly skilled associates holds a wide variety of technical and sales certifications across the entire HPE and Aruba portfolios, ensuring they can deliver the best solutions for our clients. Learn more about why CBTS is your ideal HPE partner.

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