Preparedness and response to Coronavirus

Supporting customers, partners, and employees

The impact of the Coronavirus is being felt around the world. CBTS is monitoring the situation closely, and has the safety of our family and employees top of mind. We are also committed to supporting our customers and partners as organizations evaluate how to address the challenges that come with navigating the spread of this pandemic.

We have outlined our steps to minimize the impact to our customers as well as steps you can take to help mitigate the effects of major workplace disruptions caused by the Coronavirus. Please reach out to your CBTS account representative if we can help you.

A letter to our customers

CIO Information Exchange Webinar

CBTS is committed to providing thought leadership content to help our customers through the COVID-19 health crisis. On Wednesday, March 25th we held a CIO Information Exchange to bring valuable insights and best practices from a panel of IT leaders. The panel of CIOs and CTOs shared their thoughts on adapting to the current pandemic, the resulting technology challenges, as well as best practices for leading during crises situations.

IT panel includes:

  • Russ Mayer – Current Board Member Cincinnati Bell, Retired CIO of GE
  • Jim Fowler – CTO Nationwide Insurance
  • David Burns – CIO GE Aviation
  • Kevin Murray – CIO Cincinnati Bell
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SBA Disaster Loans available to SMBs

Our customers’ success is our success. Knowing many small businesses are hurting, CEO Leigh Fox and Sr. Director, Communications Practice, Greg Samuels reached out to the district Small Business Administrations office to discuss how best to help small and medium businesses go through the current crisis.

Steps we have taken

The health of our customers, employees and the communities we serve has always been our priority. Learn more about the steps we’ve taken to help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.

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Minimizing the disruption

It’s crucial for enterprises to have plans in place that will minimize disruption. A contingency plan will not only help safeguard employees and customers but also help maintain stability and productivity. Read about the components of an effective contingency plan.

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Staying connected

Many organizations are following CDC guidelines in maintaining social distancing by implementing work from home policies. Embracing modern collaboration technologies can ensure that day-to-day work continues and employees continue to serve their clients. Here is a list of resources your company may already have access to which can help keep employees engaged.

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