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What is Microsoft Teams Voice?

Microsoft Teams Voice


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Fully-managed Microsoft Teams Voice

Video calling has transformed how we work, replacing in-person interactions with digital communication. Messaging colleagues on platforms like Teams followed by quick video calls has become the norm. Moreover, video conferencing has taken precedence as the preferred method for meetings, adapting to changing needs.

Microsoft Teams Voice is one of the easiest ways for growing companies to stay connected. It’s ideal for companies of any size that need integrated communications with Teams-enabled clients. 

Explore several key areas organizations should consider when beginning their migration to Microsoft Teams Voice

Overcome digital sprawl

Microsoft Licensing and its related services and tools have become firmly entrenched in day-to-day workflows of most companies and employees. Companies looking to maximize their Microsoft investment can migrate telephony services into Microsoft Teams Voice and see numerous financial and organizational benefits.

CBTS experts can help you leverage Microsoft Teams to meet your unique needs and prepare your business for the future of remote collaboration and hybrid work.

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What is Microsoft Teams Voice?

Microsoft Teams is a cloud-based team collaboration software comprising the Microsoft 365 and Office 365 suites of applications.

Microsoft Teams Voice includes communication features like calling, secure business messaging, video meetings, and file sharing. Enterprises can utilize Microsoft Teams to create customized video meetings, engage employees in chat-based workspaces, and collaborate on documents in real time.


Benefits of Microsoft Teams Voice

Unify communications + collaboration

Improve productivity throughout your organization.

Reduce telephony spending

Utilize the Teams mobile and desktop applications for everyday phone calls.


Full integration with existing PBX and O365 solutions.

Flexible deployment

CBTS tailors integrated design, delivery, implementation, and support of all services.

Maintain business continuity

Redundant data centers and networks to ensure all your calls are still delivered.

User friendly

Clients benefit from all the features their businesses need in a user-friendly interface.

Automatic updates

CBTS continuously adds unique applications and features, so you are never outdated.


of B2B sales interactions between suppliers and buyers will occur in digital channels.




By enlisting CBTS for fully managed cloud services, you free up your developers, admins, and IT leaders to focus on innovation, product development, and mission-critical tasks. Our 30+ year history of providing managed services has set the foundation for extending these services to support public cloud environments.

As a Microsoft Solutions Partner for Modern Work with an Advanced Specialization in Calling for Microsoft Teams and decades of UCaaS experience, CBTS is perfectly positioned to guide clients on their journey to Microsoft Teams Voice.

Tailored solutions

  •  CBTS tailors its integrated solutions for businesses, including the design, delivery, implementation, and support for all services.
  • All clients have direct access to a dedicated project management team.

Built for business

  • Merge Teams Voice with legacy voice platforms.
  • All CBTS voice solutions are built with business continuity in mind.
  • Secure access for local and remote workers.

Flexible deployments

  •  Session border controllers, DIDs, and concurrency included.
  • Flexible call routing designed to take advantage of existing communications.
  • Microsoft Teams-enabled handsets.
  • E911 capability.

Ongoing support

  • Your team can access support services 24x7x365.
  • Automatic disaster recovery.

With the help of single sign-on (SSO) and multi-factor authentication, your organization can rest easy knowing that local and remote employees can connect securely.

“One of the biggest risks to implementing a managed cloud solution is getting stuck with one particular vendor. CBTS is vendor agnostic, meaning we align the right cloud platform with the best cloud service providers to suit your business needs.”

– Neal Marksberry, Senior Product Manager


CBTS-implemented Microsoft Teams Voice solutions

CBTS supports our clients through each step of the Teams Voice implementation process from conception to deployment.

Microsoft Teams Voice by CBTS empowers businesses to streamline their communication through one of the world’s most widely-adopted collaboration tools, Microsoft Teams.

CBTS-enhanced Microsoft Teams Voice service delivery and management powered by Operator Connect

Through Microsoft Teams Operator Connect, CBTS delivers secure, redundant integration of public switched telephone network (PSTN) Voice services into Teams. 

  • Clients can find and select CBTS as their voice operator in the Teams Admin Center.
  • Simplified, streamlined provisioning of users, auto-attendants, and call queues natively in Teams Admin Center.
  • Call quality analytics for CBTS to assist with troubleshooting and support of Teams Voice.
  • CBTS provides session border controllers and all back-end PSTN network infrastructure, allowing clients to save on the purchase and management of hardware.

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Microsoft Teams Voice Migration Assessment Services

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Microsoft Teams Voice Migration and Transition to Operations

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Microsoft Teams Voice Discovery Workshop with an advanced specialist


As a 17-year Microsoft-certified partner, CBTS can help you customize your organization’s unique business functions and requirements around collaboration and hybrid work.

Microsoft Solutions Partner for Modern Work

Advanced Specialist: Calling for Microsoft Teams

Case studies

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The client is a Fortune Global 500 company specializing in digital automation and energy management. They combine energy tech, real-time automation, software, and services to provide solutions for homes, buildings, data centers, infrastructure, and various industries.

As a longtime Avaya managed services client, our client was looking to move from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams for collaboration to achieve a holistic voice and collaboration solution that would be seamless for their employees.

CBTS solution
CBTS voice experts assessed the client’s environment, then developed and implemented a strategic plan to move the company to Microsoft Teams for collaboration, delivering PSTN voice calling to Microsoft Teams via Direct Route.

Company employees can now work from their chosen device at any location, dramatically improving production and collaboration.

Our client, founded in 1883, is the largest grocery retailer in the U.S. with over 3,400 store locations.

The retail grocery client was interested in testing the Microsoft Teams Phone system for a subset of IT department users and getting hands-on experience managing call routing in the Teams phone system.

CBTS solution
CBTS completed a trial agreement that delivered PSTN Voice into the client’s Microsoft Environment via Direct Route. This proof of concept allowed a small subset of users to test the PSTN calling experience in Teams and their IT staff to test their experience managing the call routing in the phone system. Based on the trial’s success, the client elected to move forward with a Microsoft Direct Route solution from CBTS.

Employees can now work from any device anywhere in the world, dramatically improving productivity and collaboration. The client now has a go-to partner to assist with future needs related to the Teams Phone system.

Aligning Microsoft Teams Voice with business objectives

Microsoft Teams Voice provides numerous advantages for businesses, including high-quality video and voice capabilities, cost-effective international calls through VoIP, seamless Unified Communications integration within Office 365, and a host of other beneficial features. Organizations pursuing digital transformation adopt Microsoft Teams to achieve three primary business objectives: enhancing employee productivity, fostering collaboration, and enabling innovation.

Microsoft Team’s low entry cost makes it a highly sought-after collaboration tool.


Top 5 questions

Who is Microsoft Teams for?

Microsoft Teams is ideal for all businesses. It enables enterprises to leverage all of the collaboration features of Microsoft Teams while seamlessly integrating powerful CBTS VoIP capabilities.

Can I implement Microsoft Teams Voice if I have a traditional phone provider?

Yes. CBTS can help you integrate legacy phone systems or migrate to a cloud-based telephony system.

Is it safe to use?

Microsoft Teams uses multi-factor authentication plus data encryption at rest and in transit to protect its users.

Should I choose Microsoft Teams over Cisco Webex?

It’s a matter of preference and cost vs. benefits. If you already utilize Teams, then implementing a Voice option makes sense. If not, our experts can help you choose between Webex and Microsoft Teams.

Why choose Microsoft Teams Voice?

Businesses choose Microsoft Teams because it is incredibly user-friendly and can facilitate a work environment between remote users and within a large corporation.

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