Achieve Cost Savings by Nearshoring to Canada with CBTS

January 03, 2024
Author: CBTS

While offshoring IT resources to countries like China or India has historically provided the best ROI for software development, the recent narrowing of the IT talent gap between offshore and nearshore countries, combined with overall market volatility, is making nearshoring a better choice for many U.S.-based organizations.

Nearshoring works just like offshoring except that a company partners with a third-party firm located in a nearby country at a similar time zone. For U.S.-based organizations, that country is Canada.

The advantages of nearshoring are many, take a look!


A company gives a certain project (or projects) to an outside firm (or firms) in a nearby county at a similar time zone.


  • Easier communications. Company employees will not need to work overtime or after hours to synchronize meetings.
  • Few cultural differences. As both firms are in the same continental region, there are typically fewer cultural and work differences.
  • Proximity. Travel is less expensive, which allows for more frequent face-to-face meetings, increased productivity, and improved collaboration.
  • Faster problem-solving. Time zone differences do not get in the way when urgent problems need immediate attention.

Nearshoring with CBTS

Nearshoring with CBTS gives clients the flexibility to scale resources up or down depending on variable funding levels. This approach also gives them better control over IT budgets and allows for more projects to be completed on time.

But it’s not just about cost savings. Nearshoring also allows businesses to find the right IT talent for their business needs, and improve service to their internal and external customers. Additional benefits include:

  • Greater value with flexible pricing options
    • 25-30% cost savings over CBTS onshore pricing.
    • Projects invoiced in U.S. dollars.
  • Flexibility
    • Able to contract with a “right-to-hire.”
    • On-premises or remote work supported.
      • CBTS will provide laptops and support VPN access.
  • A highly-skilled technical and professional talent pool
    • CBTS delivers higher-quality resources with all skill levels across multiple infrastructure, application, and support services.
    • IT resources in Canada hold industry certifications across a broad selection of best-in-class IT manufacturers and technologies.
    • IT resources supported by the CBTS Application Services team in Toronto and vetted by CBTS technology experts.
  • Convenience
    • IT resources work in the Eastern time zone and speak English.
    • Canada offers a stable government and infrastructure environment similar to the U.S.
  • Visa Friendly
    • CBTS has three visa vehicles available to facilitate cross-border movement.
      • H-1B, TN-1, L-1.
    • Option to convert the resource to full-time status and relocate to U.S.
  • Resource and project leadership
    • Ongoing IT resource and project leadership is provided with a direct link to the success of engagement.
    • This approach ensures escalations and communications happen quickly and effectively.

CBTS locations in Canada

CBTS has two prime, secure, and connected facilities in Canada:

  • Toronto Uptown.
  • Toronto Downtown.

A client-centric approach delivers outstanding business outcomes

The CBTS goal is very simple and client-focused: strive to help clients keep their IT organization focused on business critical technology initiatives and ultimately help them create a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

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