CBTS Certified Partner Program

April 22, 2024
Author: CBTS

CBTS has learned that our most successful partners:

  • Understand the nuances of our offerings and where they fit in the competitive landscape.
  • Utilize our sales engineers for training, tech updates, and frequent customer engagements.
  • Have CBTS demonstration kits in their office, know how to use the tools, and show them often.

Wih our CBTS Certified Partner Program, you too can become an industry leader demonstrating CBTS’ market-leading UCaaS, SD-WAN, Naas, and Network Security as a Service.

The CBTS Certified Partner Program empowers you with the equipment, training, and certification required to be fully proficient at demonstrating CBTS UCaaS, Network as a Service (Cisco Meraki NaaS), VMware SD-WAN”‘, and cloud-enabled Network Security as a Service with Check Point Harmony Connect andHarmony Email and Office solutions. Your CBTS sales engineer will lead each training for certification.

There are four CBTS Partner Program Certifications. Each will provide you with an official CBTS certification for one year and the right to use this language in any marketing materials or at events:

  • CBTS UCaaS Certified Partner.
  • CBTS Network as a Service (Cisco Meraki NaaS) Certified Partner
  • CBTS VMware SD-WANTM Certified Partner
  • CBTS Network Security as a Service Certified Partner
CBTS certified partner certifications:UCaaSm NaaS, SD-WAN, Network Security

The training material includes a short CBTS introductory PowerPoint presentation, a written demonstration script, and a video recording of a properly executed demonstration. The training and certification will be in-person and in two parts. The first part is a three-hour one-on-one training session led by your assigned sales engineer. On a following day, you will take a two-hour certification test in which you perform the methodology of demonstrating the solution.

A certified CBTS partner will utilize the general flow below:

  1. Introduce prospect to CBTS’ history and product focus using the CBTS PPT presentation.
  2. Log in to the respective product web interfaces.
  3. Follow the easy script designed to show the major value propositions of each product.
  4. When combining offerings, show joint value, for example, UCaaS/VMware SD-WAN™ showing call failover.
  5. Where appropriate, obtain customer commitment to engage CBTS and fully explore the business outcomes possible with the CBTS offering you demonstrated.

The process is designed to empower you to be comfortable and capable demonstrating the value proposition and capabilities of the CBTS’ top technology offerings. As a certified partner you will be able to quickly and easily show the highlights of each offering, where in the web interface to go, and how to implement features like SD-WAN/UCaaS failover. Successful completion of each course earns a frameable certificate and approved logo for web and marketing use. This program, though, is a two-way street.

CBTS commits to all the necessary equipment, training, and on-going sales engineering support for you to be a demonstration expert. You commit to learning the CBTS demonstration methodology and regularly demonstrating CBTS offerings and their value proposition. Both sides commit for one year to invest the time and resources needed to make this technology partnership successful. As part of this commitment, the partner and CBTS will meet quarterly to review demo kit usage, successes, and any process or tool improvements needed.

If you are interested in exploring this exciting new program please contact your CBTS Channel Manager find out more.

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