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January 05, 2024
Author: CBTS

Delivering full-stack global IT services

Today’s business environment has certainly become more complicated, more competitive, and more expensive in both operating and overhead costs. This has made many organizations look for new, more efficient ways to allocate their resources. Outsourcing your organization’s IT functions to a global strategic technology partner saves significant costs and frees your in-house IT teams to remain focused on core functions of the business without sacrificing quality. 

Advantages of collaborating with a global strategic IT partner 

Engaging a global strategic IT partner like CBTS for IT services provides the flexibility to scale your resources up or down depending on variable funding levels. This approach also gives businesses better control over their IT budget and allows for more projects to be completed, on time and on budget. 

But it’s not just about cost savings. It also allows businesses to find the right IT talent for their business needs and improve service to their internal and external customers. Expanding to a talent pool across the globe ensures businesses can fill the major skill gaps currently being experienced in the U.S. 

Top IT skill gaps in the U.S. 

Chart of IT skill gaps in the US


As a top technology integrator, CBTS provides comprehensive, world-class solutions for every component of an organization’s technology requirements. 

CBTS India—headquartered in Chennai—offers a global level of service and flexibility that larger providers cannot match, such as: 

Full-stack capabilities in hardware, software, infrastructure, and application services customized to clients’ precise needs. 

A 24x7x365 support model. 

Tiered service offerings allow you to customize your service to your needs. 

Access to a large pool of English-speaking technical talent. 

Self-sufficient, independent agile team pods to accelerate go-to-market strategy. 

What we deliver: 

  • Greater value than a traditional technology company. 
  • CBTS has a deep understanding of our supported technologies and delivers higher-quality resources with all skill levels across multiple infrastructure, application, and support services. 
  • We offer flexible pricing options for our offshore resources—leading to cost savings up to 60%. 
  • A highly skilled technical and professional talent pool. 
  • Our 600+ team in India holds 200+ industry certifications across a broad selection of best-in-class IT manufacturers and technologies. 
  • We have made significant investments in the staff and facilities in India to support our clients’ projects. 
  • Project leadership with a direct link to the success of engagement, ensuring escalations and communication happen quickly and effectively. 
  • CBTS supports 1,000+ customers in their continued success. 

A client-centric approach delivers outstanding business outcomes 

Our goal is very simple and client focused. We strive to help you keep your IT organization focused on business-critical technology initiatives and to ultimately help your company create a competitive advantage in the marketplace. 

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