Firewall Management

April 04, 2024
Author: CBTS

Firewall monitoring and management by CBTS allows your IT staff to focus on driving business initiatives

Many businesses struggle to employ qualified staff to ensure their firewalls are being monitored, managed, and updated with scheduled patches specific to their needs. This lack of resources and attention can leave your network vulnerable and open to attack.

Chose a better way to manage your firewalls: The CBTS managed services team provides 24x7x365 expert monitoring and management for your physical, virtual, cloud, or hybrid environment. Our flexible approach ensures your business is receiving the coverage needed to remain secure and compliant.

Firewall management portfolio

  • Azure
  • AWS
  • Fortinet
  • Cisco and Meraki
  • Check Point
  • Palo Alto


  • 24x7x365 staffed monitoring center.
  • Managed deployment and onboarding.
  • Policy implementation and management.
  • Health and status monitoring.
  • Threat detection.
  • Rule and behavior based detection.


CBTS has some of the best and brightest professionals who are armed with industry-leading technology to help fill security gaps specific to your organization. The CBTS firewall monitoring and management service delivers operational excellence while removing the burden from our customers. We provide 24x7x365 monitoring that includes: detection, polling, thresholding, alerting, and dashboarding of system performance and faults.

Why outsource firewall management?

In-house firewall management can absorb your IT resources. Networks are perpetually changing, requiring repetitive changes in your firewalls to remain secure in your first line of defense.

CBTS implementation and managed services will provide 24x7x365 monitoring, to include:

Deployment and onboarding: Cloud, on-premises, or hybrid, CBTS has certified security experts who have successfully implemented thousands of firewalls across the globe.

Policy implementation: No two businesses are alike. CBTS will work with you to ensure the firewall policies are in alignment with your business security and connectivity needs.

Ongoing management and tuning: Our experts will provide continuous optimization to ensure your firewall is providing the correct balance between speed and security.

Threat detection: By continuously monitoring your firewall and observing network traffic, our security experts are equipped to guard against known critical vulnerabilities.

Web application firewall: Protect your applications with layer 7 defense by filtering and monitoring HTTP traffic between the application and the Internet.

“Sophisticated cyber threats target a broader exposure footprint. Inadequate or outdated security practices can make the direct and indirect fallout of a security breach even more severe.”

*Frost & Sullivan—Managed and Professional Security Services Market in the Americas, Forecast to 2024.

CBTS Monitoring and Management services deliver operational excellence and take the burden of infrastructure management off customers, allowing them to focus on their core competencies and business initiatives.

Speak to a CBTS security expert today.

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