Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) Services 

January 05, 2024
Author: CBTS

Get expert guidance from seasoned security leaders 

Building and maintaining a strong security program can be a daunting experience—especially with nobody at the helm. The unknowns dramatically outnumber the knowns. Hundreds of technical solutions promise a miracle cure but fail to stop serious attacks. Pressure mounts from shareholders, regulators, business partners, and clients. 

Help is available! The CBTS Virtual CISO service helps businesses of all shapes and sizes, in every industry, address their risk and security challenges with battle-tested advice from experienced practitioners. 

  • Develop a security strategy for your organization, tied specifically to your risk priorities, regulatory compliance requirements, and the threat landscape that you face. 
  • Adopt best practices from globally recognized standards and frameworks to better protect your sensitive data and assets from attacks. 
  • Obtain direction on your technical and organizational security initiatives and projects. 
  • Perform risk management reviews, develop strategies to mitigate risk, execute tabletop incident response simulations, and craft policy and process to mature your security practices into well-oiled machines. 

A CBTS Virtual CISO can join your team for a long-term advisory program, or to assist with point projects and specific efforts, for as few or many hours as you require. Get the help you need from someone that’s done it before. 

Consider using a virtual CISO when you identify the need to: 

  • Drive Strategy. 
  • Implement governance. 
  • Develop a roadmap. 
  • Lead the discussion with business leaders and board members. 
  • Mentor your team. 
  • Perform risk assessments. 
  • Assess your current program. 
  • Evaluate vendor proposals. 
  • Build a culture of security.

Security Program Assessment + Virtual CISO 

Develop your organization’s security roadmap 

Using the NIST Cyber Security Framework as a guide, a CBTS security expert can identify gaps in your existing security program, and build a three-year plan to improve your capabilities that will help your business build a comprehensive security program. 

  • Identify risks, threats, and organizational challenges that endanger your operations. 
  • Protect your critical assets, applications, and sensitive data. 
  • Detect anomalies, suspicious activity, and attackers in your environment.. 
  • Respond effectively to intrusions and other security incidents. 
  • Recover quickly from issues and restore to a fully operational state. 

A CBTS Virtual CISO can take the resulting roadmap and begin implementation work with your organization immediately: forming a security governance team; developing a risk management approach and performing risk assessment work; overseeing the development of policies and procedures; and rollout of fundamental practices, including security monitoring, vulnerability management, secure software development, and incident response. 

With a virtual CISO, your business can improve on: 

  • Risk Management. 
  • Governance. 
  • Measurable progress. 
  • Communication. 
  • Succession Planning. 
  • Lowering Costs.

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