CBTS launches AI-powered Network as a Service in partnership with Juniper Networks

February 23, 2023
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CBTS, a leading provider of unified communications, cloud technology, and networking solutions—is pleased to announce its partnership with Juniper Networks to implement a new AI-powered Networking as a Service (NaaS) solution for its clients. The technology provider’s continued investment in this fully managed network service in conjunction with Juniper Mist represents a giant leap forward for NaaS. Features of Juniper Mist NaaS include anomaly discovery, comprehensive visibility of network health, and streamlined operations.

Juniper Mist is a self-healing, learning, AI-driven NaaS management toolset that helps maximize network speeds and deal with any issues as quickly as possible. With CBTS, companies can leverage programs like Juniper Mist to drive success. Additionally, CBTS’ 24x7x365 co-managed services gives clients the support they need while still maintaining the autonomy critical to innovation and progress.

One key innovation of Juniper Mist is the introduction of Marvis, a virtual networking assistant (VNA) in the vein of Siri or Cortana. Marvis uses natural language to assist users in managing and troubleshooting networks. In addition, Marvis learns as it resolves issues over time, accelerating the resolution of customer service tickets.

“Working with Juniper allows us to build agile, scalable, and resilient networks. Marvis can often point out an issue and fix it before the client even notices it in the first place.”

Greg Samuels, CBTS VP of Secure Networking and Security Services

Marvis has two modes: self-driving and driver assist. Self-driving mode allows Marvis to function automatically by addressing network concerns with minimal oversight. In contrast, the driver assist mode requires user feedback before Marvis takes direct action while still flagging issues and making recommendations.

In effect, Marvis functions as a virtual team member. Its capabilities include:

  • Locating bad cables, AP faults, switch faults, or WAN faults.
  • Troubleshooting wireless connection issues, switches, gateways, APs, and application malfunctions.
  • Displaying client info, documentation, and network information.
  • Making action-based recommendations to solve problems proactively.

“For us, partnership is more than just closing a deal to hit a target. We believe we can make the biggest impact by building a close and honest relationship with our clients, understanding their needs, and making it clear that we are in this together. Combining our passion for meaningful partnership with our wide range of expertise in network operations, architecture, and sales engineering, we strive to be a strong and reliable option for our customers. Juniper Mist and its AI capabilities ensure you get the best of breed in both your service provider and the technology we provide.”

Brandon Bowman, CBTS Sr. VP of Strategic Services

About CBTS

CBTS serves enterprise and midmarket clients in all industries across the United States and Canada. CBTS combines deep technical expertise with a full suite of flexible technology solutions—including Application Modernization, Managed Hybrid Cloud, Cybersecurity, Unified Communications, and Infrastructure solutions. From developing and deploying modern applications and the secure, scalable platforms on which they run, to managing, monitoring, and optimizing their operations, CBTS delivers comprehensive technology solutions for its clients’ transformative business initiatives. For more information, please visit www.cbts.com.

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