Celebrate Diversity

Celebrating Diversity

At CBTS we believe in the transformative power of connectivity, and we believe connections are made stronger when we embrace the diversity in our employees, customers, and shareholders. We commit to employ diversity and inclusion efforts that align with our company values, such as progressive hiring practices and talent development.

In accordance with our company values, we commit to employ diversity and inclusion efforts that align with the following objectives:

  • Reflect the communities we serve.
  • Enhance the well-being of our employees.
  • Attract, recruit, and retain a skilled, diverse, high-performing workforce.
  • Create value for our customers and shareholders.

Featured Partner

The McLendon Minority Leadership Initiative

Cincinnati Bell will partner with the Joel Cornette Foundation and the McLendon Minority Leadership Initiative to provide minorities a jump-start to their careers through practical experiences, opportunities to build their network, and instilling the values of John McLendon: Integrity, Education, Leadership, and Mentorship. The coach-driven initiative will expand and enhance the pipeline for minorities interested in pursuing careers in athletics administration. Cincinnati Bell will donate $20,000 to the initiative and assist the future leaders with corporate mentorship and development.

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