Backups vital part of Cybersecurity plan

October 25, 2018
Justin Hall
Director, Security Services

“We’re very sorry, but your data has been lost.”

“We’re very sorry, but your data has been compromised.”

These are words that no CEO, CFO, or manager wants to tell his or her clients, and for good reason.

Compromised or lost data devastates businesses because it destroys trust. When clients don’t trust a business, they look elsewhere, which impacts the bottom line.

Cyber attackers and hackers are proliferating, and their skills continue to evolve. Chief among these attackers are those who use ransomware in an attempt to bring companies down.

Ransomware is a form of blackmail. Hackers take over the computer systems of any entity with deep pockets, whether it’s a business, hospital, or a public utility provider. They freeze the system and demand payment before they’ll release the system back to administrators.

Data backups must be part of your security plan to protect your institution from this scenario.

Effective backup solutions can protect your data from ransomware

Ransomware attacks succeed when businesses fail to back up their data, or keep that backed-up data secure. CBTS keeps your data secure by backing it up on a daily basis and storing it in a monitored, offsite environment.

And fortunately, companies can adopt proactive solutions that alleviate the damage that ransomware attacks inflict. Automated backups of all computer files on a real-time basis will go a long way toward foiling ransomware attacks, especially if your business quickly detects such an attack. As long as current back-up data exists, companies can usually wipe servers and reinstall clean backups with little or no impact to its clients.

CBTS Backup as a Service (BaaS)

CBTS offers Backup as a Service (BaaS) to ensure your business infrastructure and critical systems are protected from malicious activity and sustained downtime. With CBTS Backup as a Service, your data backups are stored offsite in a secure environment. We monitor this environment and ensure that it retains full restoration capabilities in the event of a ransomware attack.

Companies that rely on outdated technology such as tape-based backups do themselves, and their clients, a disservice. Companies that expect their employees to manually back up data on a regular basis also run the risk of being severely unprepared for a ransomware attack.

Every business needs a robust data backup and restore policy to prevent the potential loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars in computer downtime and lost income from disaffected clients.

Offload the burden of risk with CBTS Managed Data Protection

  • Customized data backup strategy assessments. CBTS assessments provide tailored solutions to your company after identifying your current backup policies and determining your needs to establish data protection best practices against ransomware and other cyber threats.
  • Managed data backup. If you have several branch offices, CBTS solutions will manage real-time backups of each offices’ data, which then is backed up to your central headquarters.
  • Offsite data storage. Data from your central headquarters is then backed up to a secure CBTS facility.

Our Backup as a Service is scalable depending on the size of your company.

Managed disaster recovery. We discuss our clients’ needs before instituting the necessary BaaS. Recovery Time Objectives and Recovery Point Objectives are discussed in order to best meet budget needs.

  • Recovery Time Objective defines how long a system can be down before it impacts the day-to-day business of the company.
  • Recovery Point Objective defines how often your data is backed up. A backup every four hours meets the needs and budget for many companies; others need a backup every few minutes, which requires a larger budget.

Contact CBTS today for a free consultation

Protect your business, and your customers, from attacks with the CBTS backup and disaster recovery programs. Contact us today to learn about our Data Protection Assessment services, and the wide array of effective and proven data backup and recovery solutions we offer to suit the needs and budget of every business.

To learn more about CBTS security strategies, read our Ebook on “Why your backup solution is crucial to defending your organization from ransomware.”


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