Continuous Penetration Testing critical for security

November 27, 2018
Author: CBTS
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The rise of sophisticated new hacking tools has presented the modern enterprise with unpredictable and unprecedented security risks. While major attacks from highly sophisticated and sometimes even state-sponsored actors and organized cyber criminals garner most of the headlines, equally disturbing is the prevalence of ready-made hacking code, which can be downloaded and launched against unsuspecting targets with little or no coding skills.

To counter this, today’s enterprise must remain ever-vigilant to emerging threats, which means not only deploying the latest security measures but constantly testing them against real-world conditions.

CBTS helps you defend critical infrastructure

CBTS Penetration Testing (Pen Testing) provides the enterprise with the first step in defending critical infrastructure against malicious attacks. Our top security experts carry out what is commonly referred to as “ethical hacking”; that is, they try to break your security framework through a series of simulated attacks to identify vulnerabilities.

These attacks target key elements, such as:

  • Network infrastructure: Plugging gaps here can prevent intrusions that may cascade throughout the entire IT environment.
  • Critical assets: Facilities, systems, and equipment that can cripple operations if brought down by a cyberattack.
  • Wireless networks: Wi-Fi can often be used as a back door to critical infrastructure.
  • Web applications: 90 percent of all vulnerabilities lie on the application layer.
  • Physical assets: Hardware, software, data, and even personnel are vulnerable to attacks that can do serious damage to operations.

In addition, we conduct research into public vulnerabilities, followed by a staged breach to gauge your response capabilities. Afterward, we provide a detailed vulnerability analysis that includes recommendations for strengthening your security posture.

All of this is designed to find the holes in your data environment and correct them before hackers go rogue within your vital IT infrastructure. Our goal is to test multiple attack pathways without creating unnecessary risk to your network environment. We also work with each client to conduct an expansive assessment of operational processes, documented policies, and existing security controls to create a highly refined security posture, right down to the needs of individual business units, based on the industry-leading NIST Cyber Security Framework.

Deploy cutting-edge solutions with CBTS

CBTS also has the expertise to deploy cutting-edge security solutions for every major business sector. We have established strategic partnerships with leading network and information security vendors to provide exceptional technology and technical support to our clients. Our engineers maintain the highest levels of certification, including CISSP, CISM, CCIE, and many others.

In this day and age, security is not something to be taken lightly. The distributed nature of modern IT infrastructure means that the enterprise can no longer wall itself off behind a firewall and hope for the best. Modern security requires a continuous, proactive approach that strives to keep you one step ahead of those who seek to compromise your IT infrastructure, whether it be to steal your data or shut your systems down.

After all, it is far easier to protect yourself ahead of time than it is to recover after the fact.

Learn more: Penetration Testing infosheet

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