Bridge to the Cloud: Why Cloud-delivered SD-WAN is critical

July 9, 2020
Jana Dorton
Solutions Enablement Manager

Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) technology is showing rapid growth. Cloud-delivered SD-WAN is becoming increasingly relevant in an age of cloud computing.

Part of the reason for its success and popularity is its versatility. It offers users a measure of control, ease of management, and visibility into private, public, and wireless networks. Cloud-delivered SD-WAN also simplifies the deployments of updates. Furthermore, it can automatically route the flow of data and address traffic impediments across multiple transports.

This versatility has allowed enterprises to transform their networks with new cloud-powered capabilities. This is especially helpful now when the volume of traffic between branch offices and remote employees has climbed steadily for several years and recently spiked during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cloud-delivered SD-WAN solutions also tend to lower costs by utilizing more affordable connection methods. These methods make deployments and updates easier to manage.

The Time to Buy-in is Now

The growing interest in SD-WAN can be seen globally. Different sectors are catching on to the trend at different rates. Industries and regions that aren’t yet planning ahead to capitalize on this evolving technology may miss out on an opportunity to effectively harness the power of cloud computing.

The time to buy in is now, before your competition outpaces you.

More than 40 software vendors have been associating with the SD-WAN space over the last two years. Many are traditional networking vendors pivoting their business models to include cloud-delivered SD-WAN as a feature to take advantage of these new revenue opportunities. This eagerness to adopt may stem in part from an existing demand for more efficient WAN solutions that has been growing for decades.

SD-WAN is a hot commodity, but MPLS isn’t dead yet

Some MPLS users are seeing significant savings by switching to SD-WAN solutions. However, many others are also finding success with hybrid solutions.

There’s a prevailing thought in the industry that enterprise customers may be expecting to replace their existing MPLS system with SD-WAN solutions. However, these consumers may find better results by mixing and matching the transport and access methods that best suit their circumstances.

CBTS offers cloud-delivered SD-WAN

SD-WAN users are able to increase their bandwidth, without absorbing the costs or dealing with the potential latency issues of a private network.

However, leaping into SD-WAN blindly with limited knowledge of who is providing it is a recipe for disaster. Curious organizations looking to transition to cloud environments using SD-WAN should carefully consider their options when choosing a vendor.

CBTS offers cloud-delivered SD-WAN and global network solutions. These solutions are backed by the experience of managing more than 6,100 customer WAN sites across six global regions.

Contact us for more information on how CBTS can empower your enterprise with a custom VMware SD-WAN solution powered by VeloCloud.

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