CBTS helps CIOs address IT gap

June 14, 2018
Tom Mangan

The IT talent gap isn’t going away. Indeed, a report from CIO.com says the arduous process of hiring full-time staff is creating severe business challenges. Highlights of the report include:

  • Nearly half of all CIOs have missed out on top talent because they couldn’t meet the candidates’ salary demands.
  • Many companies use perks like flexible scheduling, working from home, and social events to find and keep top IT talent.
  • Hiring processes that stretch over months don’t suit in-demand IT professionals, who start losing interest if there is no follow-up within two weeks of the first interview.

These macro-level challenges comprise thousands of micro-challenges that vary widely from one company to the next. Manufacturers need people who can automate production lines. Financial companies need IT people with strong data-science backgrounds. Each industry sector requires specific IT capabilities.

Nobody wants to pass up burgeoning opportunities in cloud computing, big data, unified communications, mobile technologies, and advanced collaboration tools. Moreover, companies in growing markets need to move quickly to land new business before the competition does. They need talent in six days, not six months.

When you can’t afford to wait months to find excellent IT talent fast, you’re better off working with a consultancy specializing in matching specific skills with highly specialized roles. CBTS can place an expert IT project manager in your workplace to supervise an entire project, pulling in a combination of in-house talent and well-trained contractors.

These experts can spin up new systems or migrate to new technology platforms, for instance, while your existing IT staff stays focused on mission-critical workloads.

Let CBTS close your IT talent gaps

CBTS provides a wealth of IT placement services that deliver four crucial advantages:

  • Get only the IT talent you need, when you need it. You don’t have to worry about paying large salaries to people who run out of work to do between big projects.
  • CBTS has a deep bench of well-trained, experienced IT pros who can work on short- or long-term contracts. They have certifications, mastery, and proven track records in dozens of technologies.
  • We follow the best practices learned in engagements with a broad spectrum of Fortune 500 enterprises. Our experts can design system architectures and implement sophisticated IT solutions that may be beyond the skills of your current IT staff.
  • Because you pay only for the talent you need, you realize cost savings in salaries, benefits, vacations, and medical care.

Our comprehensive suite of IT staffing services includes resource planning and design, project and program management, application development, and security consulting.

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