Cloud computing solutions replacing legacy infrastructures

February 21, 2019
Author: David Absalom
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Enterprise businesses require reliable networking and collaboration tools to stay competitive as digital disruption accelerates the need for agile, scalable, and flexible cloud computing solutions. IT leaders require cost-effective ways to enhance their networking capabilities and efficiently replace legacy systems and processes.

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Migrating mission-critical infrastructure and applications to the cloud provides the reliability and connectivity that your business needs without the burden of a significant upfront capital expenditure. Cloud computing is revolutionizing business operations through managed services, and CBTS offers a trio of cloud computing solutions to help businesses collaborate, network, and communicate in a centrally managed and unified way.

These cloud computing solutions provide businesses with a turnkey package to increase organizational efficiency and improve Quality of Service (QoS).

Cloud computing solutions increase business opportunities

CBTS UCaaS provides industry leading voice and collaboration tools

CBTS Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) replaces outdated phone systems and collaboration technologies, and allows businesses to operate on-demand, real-time communications and applications. These solutions include VoIP, collaboration applications, mobile solutions, chat, messaging, web conferencing, audio and video conferencing, contact center solutions, and advanced applications like call analytics and recording as a utility service. It is a flexible and scalable, OpEx cost model cloud computing solution that improves the quality of voice calls while adding omnichannel features. With CBTS UCaaS solutions, businesses save time and money.

WiFi-enabled NaaS centralizes data services

The CBTS Network as a Service (NaaS) solution delivers cost-effective sharing of smart wireless connectivity, cloud computing, powerful analytics, centralized data services, and countless other network resources across all branches of the organization. NaaS delivers network connectivity by leveraging the cloud and virtualization to unify network and computing resources.

Free your IT staff from managing complex and expensive network resources, including wireless LANs (Wi-Fi), security appliances, switches, and application delivery controllers in a data center or the campus network. All network MAC-D is only a phone call away to connect with a CBTS expert engineer to perform the work you need, when you need it. In fact, remember that CBTS experts are always available to support our cloud computing solutions.

SD-WAN employs a more effective use of Internet and MPLS network links

With Software Defined-Wide Area Network (SD-WAN), businesses can maximize the use of costly MPLS connections, augment current MPLS with a cheaper secondary connection, or even replace MPLS entirely in favor of broadband. SD-WAN can also help orchestrate services among UCaaS to provide a better quality of experience, LANs, Software as a Service (SaaS) applications, security systems, and private and public cloud platforms.

CBTS SD-WAN is one of our cloud computing solutions that drive cost savings, drastic improvements on end-to-end voice and video communication, more efficient use of private and public networks, and the ability to optimize hybrid network activity and application-aware routing to your business. The solution also enables IT managers to establish rules for applications, specify 100 percent uptime for a specific application, and deliver remediation of packet loss or jitter.

The centralized, policy-based routing capability of SD-WAN can increase the performance and reliability of branch networks.

Cloud computing solutions reduce complexity, increase uniformity

CBTS implements these three cloud computing solutions for organizations and performs proactive network monitoring, management, application delivery, and security on a 24x7x365 basis. CBTS can also integrate your existing MPLS network and legacy data apps with our next generation Managed Services.

When these cloud computing services are used together, the benefits multiply. Wrapping together UCaaS, NaaS, and SD-WAN creates a uniform and holistic solution for your business, eliminates reliance on multiple vendors, and provides the support necessary to free your internal IT staff to focus on mission-critical initiatives with our as a service model.

“The idea is to create a consistent experience for your employees, IT staff, and customers. The easiest way to manage that is through uniformity. Think about how easy it can be to end up with a mix of vendors and services in just one store.

“The enterprise landscape, by nature, is continuously faced with business mergers and acquisitions. And from the incorporation of multiple organizations, businesses end up with a surplus of disparate equipment, technology solutions, and innumerable vendors which can exponentially create complications. CBTS uniquely solves these pain points to meet the changing needs of enterprise businesses.”

Jon Lloyd, Senior Solutions Design Engineer at CBTS

The trio of services enables your business to be “always-on,” with future-forward cloud computing solutions that keep employees and customers connected to your business initiatives and services.

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