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October 15, 2018
Author: Tim Longsway
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Government organizations are facing a variety of IT challenges. Rather than being a source of worry, however, think of these challenges as opportunities to transform your strategic initiatives, reduce expenses, and better serve your communities.

Here are the top IT challenges facing the government sector, and how the public cloud can help.

Meet taxpayer needs on a strict budget

Governments have the difficult challenge of navigating tight budgets while meeting the high expectations of constituents. As the political landscape evolves, the expectations of your residents will increase, whether you’re a state government serving millions, or an agency serving a specific need for a small community. Your citizens expect your organization to be readily accessible. They want to use their benefits, speak with representatives, and receive answers to their inquiries no matter what time it is, where they are, or what device they’re using. With the added element of financial responsibility to the taxpayer, can your organization stay on budget while meeting those requirements?

There are viable ways to meet taxpayer needs and remain financially prudent. Migrating to the public cloud offers your organization:

  • 24x7x365 reliability, giving your constituents constant access to information.
  • Use of new, innovative technologies like AI, Big Data, and IoT.
  • Robust data backup and disaster recovery solutions, keeping data safe from cyber attacks or natural disasters.

By streamlining these processes into a single location, you save your organization time and resources, and allow yourself to focus efforts on important government initiatives. You can successfully meet the needs of the public, and reduce overall costs for your organization, with the public cloud.

Make security a priority

Upholding strict security and privacy standards is crucial for the success of any governmental organization that wants to foster trust among its citizens. Your organization is responsible for valuable personal data, leaving little room for error. Cyber attacks are evolving with increased sophistication; therefore, it is essential that your organization remains agile in its effort to protect sensitive information. Staying several steps ahead of hackers can be an extreme drain on resources, but the public cloud offers industry-leading security measures to ensure that your constituents’ information is kept safe without having to hire additional IT resources or invest in on-premise infrastructure.

Government organizations should partner with a company that understands security and privacy regulations. By working with a provider that has extensive knowledge of, and experience with, the government sector, you can ensure that your organization is compliant with current policies and standards.

Streamline and consolidate technology

Allowing different government organizations to operate on disparate systems is expensive, time-consuming, and  creates roadblocks for communication and collaboration on important initiatives.

Moving your organization’s infrastructure to the public cloud will yield many positive results. For example:

  • Your organization’s technology is kept current via regular updates of your cloud-based applications, eliminating the need for hardware or software maintenance, monitoring, and management.
  • Cloud-based Unified Communications streamlines collaboration and communication between teams and office locations.
  • You pay only for what you use, decreasing the strain on program budgets.
  • Moving from capital expenses to operational expenses with a predictable monthly premium reduces budget constraints and eliminates the need for additional resources such as new equipment and staff for maintenance.

CBTS understands the IT challenges facing government organizations. We understand the responsibility you have to maintain your citizens’ security and peace of mind while meeting their high expectations for service. CBTS has served the government sector for decades, and we provide sophisticated public cloud solutions to ensure that your organization delivers successful results.

To learn how your organization can address IT challenges with a CBTS public cloud solution, download our free guide.

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