How CXsync is transforming enterprise businesses through cloud-based contact centers

December 2, 2022
Keith Talbot

What is CXsync?

Businesses must prioritize customer experience (CX) or risk losing sales. According to PWC, 73% of customers say that quality CX drives their buying decision. However, it can be difficult for marketing or customer service departments to create the customer touch points they need to ensure a high-quality experience without the resources of larger companies. Enter CBTS CXsync—a cloud-based Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) solution.

As the name suggests, CXsync aims to synchronize customer experience across all channels. CXsync integrates Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Automatic Call Distributor (ACD), and Unified Communications (UC) technologies into a singular cloud platform that was previously unavailable without costly operating investments.

This blog will examine the benefits of CXsync’s cloud-based contact center platform and how its powerful features benefit every level of your organization.

CXsync’s cloud-based contact center is built for enterprise businesses

CXsync’s platform has rich features that would work well for call centers of any size. Businesses deploy CXsync to manage and report on integration across multiple voice and digital channels. The platform provides specific role-based tools for each level of the call center organization—call agent, manager, and administrator.

CXsync provides a high-quality front-end experience for both your customers and contact center agents. In addition, CXsync has robust back-end features that enable users to create a personalized platform.

How CXsync transforms business communications

The core of CXsync is an omni-channel cloud-based contact center. Beyond inbound calling, CXsync unifies e-mail, chatbots, text messaging, and outbound communications in one place.
  • Enterprise-level communications center tools at a fraction of the cost.
  • High-speed implementation. Get started in seconds and refine operations through the CBTS onboarding process.
  • Omni-channel monitoring, management, and outreach.
  • Fully remote capabilities. Agents, managers, and admins can work from anywhere in a secure environment.
  • Built-in integrations with Salesforce, Zoho, Zendesk, Shopify, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and many others.
  • Custom integrations with the platform of your choice through REST APIs.
  • Unlimited, on-demand scaling.
  • Deployment of automation across the business-wide network.
  • Softphone device connections or simple routing through traditional phones.

Download our Essential technical guide to modernizing your cloud contact center with CXsync.

CXsync’s feature-rich platform enhances each level of call center operations

An omni-channel cloud-based contact center lets customers ask for help wherever is most convenient for them and allows call agents and supervisors to manage those interactions in real time. The advantage of the omni-channel approach (over multi-channel) is that communication feeds are streamlined in to a single agent interface, greatly simplifying the experience for agents. CXsync is also highly customizable and scalable. It can be configured to meet the specific needs of your call center, adding in new channels as needed.

Call agent

Hiring and retention of call center agents is precarious in the best of times but has become even more difficult in light of current labor shortages. That’s why CXsync offers customizable features for calling agents to heighten their experiences:

  • Configure local station settings.
  • Set status: Ready, Not Ready, Lunch, Meeting, Break, etc.
  • Toggle auto-answer off or on.
  • Initiate outbound communication through any channel.
  • Schedule follow-up reminders.


Management can utilize role-based permissions through a set of low-code interfaces. Managers can:

  • Monitor calls silently.
  • Provide in-call guidance that only agents can hear.
  • Barge into calls (unmute and talk directly to the customer).
  • Access reports, recording playback, and in-platform training materials.
  • Apply scorecard-based management tools.


CXsync provides all the tools admins need to keep everything running smoothly. Administrators can supervise the performance of the cloud-based call center on macro and micro levels. They can monitor individual calls, view reporting on customer experience trends, and identify call agent and manager training opportunities.

Other features include: 

  • Assign role-based permissions by an individual or in bulk.
  • System monitoring and troubleshooting tools.
  • Configure E911 services.
  • Manage and assign out from queues.
  • Caller Names Management (CNAM).


Modern customers demand the highest level of experience, regardless of channel. CXsync brings a powerful toolset to meet that demand and is only the latest offering from the CBTS CCaaS and UCaaS portfolio. CXsync has a rapid implementation timeline and CBTS has developed a methodology to guide clients through implementing the CCaaS solution. The phased approach allows our clients to set clear objectives and meet a series of milestones before reaching the next phase, ensuring quality control and efficiency at each step of the journey.

Get in touch with CBTS to learn more about how CXsync cloud-based contact center can give your business the tools it needs to thrive.

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