NaaS Is the Future of Food Service Networking

June 5, 2017
Patricia Kutza

Food service customers have long memories, and they love to tell family and friends about their experiences—good and bad. Even when the memory of a delicious meal starts to fade, they remember the quality of the customer service. That’s why savvy food service owners evaluate their point of sale (POS) systems just as carefully as they evaluate their menus to ensure each part of the system, such as payment transactions, inventory management, and sales applications, serves their mission and their bottom line.

From Legacy to NaaS
Even the most knowledgeable food service owners face increasing costs and thin margins, showing the importance of having the best networks in place to maximize the benefits and justify the costs of POS systems. Food services are transitioning from legacy network systems to the Network as a Service (NaaS) model in increasing numbers, primarily because NaaS addresses the need for dependable Wi-Fi and network security at a price that doesn’t fluctuate each month.

Network as a Service with SD-WAN
CBTS recently added Network as a Service with software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) , a solution that offers food service owners the kind of reliability and business-computing power they currently need with the flexibility to grow in the future as their businesses expand.

SD-WAN Is a Cost-Saving Powerhouse
Based on Cisco’s Meraki technology, SD-WAN technology provided by CBTS maximizes the automatic provisioning of important network security components—such as firewalls—faster and at a fraction of the expense of conventional bandwidth services. Additionally, SD-WAN’s ability to connect remotely to multi-location businesses gives owners powerful flexibility in addressing the specific needs of different locations, such as providing secure guest Wi-Fi.  Owners can also leverage their marketing power by tapping into the strategies offered by NaaS location analytics.

Furthermore, CBTS’ tech engineering team provides expertise that food service owners can rely on to ensure their NaaS systems work seamlessly. This eliminates the costly expenses of hiring IT consultants or maintaining in-house staff to handle network systems.

Utility Pricing for Cost Reductions with No Surprises
The NaaS utility-pricing model effectively manages present and future costs. Benefits include:

  • Monthly fixed costs for equipment and management
  • No capital investments for expensive network equipment
  • No technology obsolescence worries (hardware refreshing is built into the solution lifecycle)
  • Better performance than legacy systems at a lower cost

24/7 Expert IT Technical Support
CBTS’ IT team specializes in enterprise-level technology. They handle the ins and outs of the network infrastructure, and this allows food service owners to put their network worries in the hands of a team fully equipped to monitor networks and troubleshoot around the clock.

With CBTS’ world-class business operations managing their networks, owners can concentrate on leveraging the power of NaaS to scale operations at their desired pace without increasing costs by adding new users or new locations to individual networks. It’s a win-win proposition that food services can’t afford to ignore and customers are sure to notice. Migrate from expensive MPLS to robust Network as a Service with SD-WAN.

Learn about Network as a Service and SD-WAN from CBTS.


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