SD-WAN and the single-site retailer

February 13, 2019
Author: Grey Borneman
Blog | Communications | Digital Workspace

Retailers with multiple sites and remote operations aren’t the only ones that benefit from advanced applications such as voice and video conferencing. The single-site retailer also relies on hosted voice and collaboration tools to improve customer service. For many of these retailers, every phone call and customer interaction is a revenue opportunity.

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The single-site retailer has traditionally used broadband MPLS or LTE connections to support mission-critical applications. However, these technologies are expensive to provision and maintain, and can deliver poor quality that ultimately diminishes the user experience. And while a single-site retailer needs reliable connectivity to support services such as video conferencing, instant message, and remote presence, that business often lacks dedicated IT resources to manage this technology.

SD-WAN from VeloCloud enhances access to voice, collaboration, and other Software as a Service (SaaS) applications, which gives even the smallest single-site retailer access to world-class infrastructure and services without the burden of a significant upfront capital expenditure.

SD-WAN improves voice quality for revenue-generating calls

SD-WAN powered by VeloCloud offers a number of advantages to a single-site retailer that depends on cloud-based, hosted voice, and SaaS applications. Voice quality, for example, is vastly improved because the platform can tolerate severe changes in service while maintaining top-quality support for real-time applications. Real-time voice and video are delivered reliably, even when packet loss approaches 40 percent.

SD-WAN powered by VeloCloud also delivers a single-site retailer reliable connectivity through its ability to make dynamic decisions in real time regarding which Wide Area Network path to use for voice and video traffic. It performs these dynamic path changes without breaking the connection, and with minimal degradation.

This is critical when navigating blackouts and brownouts. And even under normal conditions, this functionality allows a single-site retailer to maintain a continuously optimized cost structure by constantly recalibrating to the most efficient consumption of network resources.

SD-WAN gives single-site retailer cutting-edge technology

VeloCloud’s SD-WAN technology is within easy reach of a single-site retailer. CBTS has over 800 highly certified engineers who take on the burden of IT management and maintenance for your retail business. As a result, single-site retailer clients receive higher Quality of Service (QoS), reliable access to real-time voice and video services, and the luxury of focusing on their core business operations instead of overseeing complex networking infrastructure.

With SD-WAN powered by VeloCloud, every business can have all the tools of a Fortune 500 company at their disposal.

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