Why SD-WAN is a powerful healthcare technology solution

July 29, 2019
Dustin Leek
CIO - Healthcare Practice, CBTS

Organizations face unique challenges when adopting a new healthcare technology solution. In addition to HIPAA and HITRUST compliance, hospitals must also conform to a federal mandate that requires meaningful use of electronic health records.

Healthcare organizations experience additional technical challenges, including:

  • The need to quickly share X-ray images, CT scans, test results, and other critical data with colleagues to collaborate on patient health management.
  • Advanced security measures to segment access to private information.
  • Integrating new acquisitions into the system.
  • Creating a positive patient experience.
  • The cost of multiple Internet links to ensure 24x7x365 operations.
  • Training and managing an IT staff to monitor technology and troubleshoot problems.

How SD-WAN can help

Software-defined networking in a wide-area network (SD-WAN) provides unbounded, optimized access to cloud applications and services across an entire healthcare system, including satellite and mobile offices. It allows healthcare providers to extend computer networks over long distances to connect remote branch offices, and to deliver the necessary applications and services.

SD-WAN technology allows healthcare systems to alleviate many of the following pain points:

  1. Collaboration
  2. Security
  3. Consolidation
  4. Patient experience
  5. Cost
  6. Staff


The continuum of care and increasing focus on patient experience demands that healthcare providers efficiently collaborate to support patients that see different specialists for different conditions. Ultimately, individual patient data must be accessible by every provider that supports that patient.

SD-WAN technology, a healthcare technology solution, gives clinicians the ability to quickly view and share data-heavy information without slowing down the network. This includes high-definition images and scans.


CBTS understands the security needs of hospitals and healthcare systems. CBTS helps develop the right security posture for each of the organization’s needs. Through regional on-ramps, service insertions, or even virtual or cloud-based firewalls, CBTS provides a plan to make sure your data is safe.


In an era of continuous mergers and acquisitions, hospitals and healthcare systems can use SD-WAN technology, a healthcare technology solution, to create a single network infrastructure that includes many connection types, such as multiprotocol label switching (MPLS), broadband, or wireless LTE. This allows healthcare systems to integrate newly acquired practices into the network that may use dramatically different technology infrastructure with separate providers.

SD-WAN technology also has the benefit of increased flexibility, which allows businesses to scale connectivity up and down for peak-and-valley demand. Ultimately, this will improve an enterprise’s connectivity between locations, the main office, and the cloud.

Patient experience

Patients want to be able to access the network as fast as possible. This SD-WAN technology allows for patient access whether they are in a facility or making an appointment from home.


In general, SD-WAN is much less expensive than the standard Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) or dedicated Internet links many healthcare facilities use. This healthcare technology solution is much less expensive because it removes expensive routing hardware and instead provisions connectivity and services from the cloud.

SD-WAN also has the benefit of increased flexibility, allowing businesses to scale connectivity up and down for peak-and-valley demand. This flexibility also means that businesses can avoid over provisioning, further lowering overall WAN expenses.


CBTS is a partner in a healthcare system’s technology. With 24x7x365 monitoring, providers don’t need to worry about deploying their staff to troubleshoot problems. CBTS proactively manages your network and identifies issues immediately.

CBTS can implement and manage your healthcare technology solution

SD-WAN provides healthcare systems with cutting-edge technology. CBTS has more than 800 highly certified engineers who take on the burden of IT management and maintenance for your organization. As a result, healthcare systems receive higher Quality of Service (QoS), reliable access to real-time voice and video services, and the luxury of focusing on their core business operations instead of overseeing complex networking infrastructure.

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