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Move critical communications to the Cloud with ease.

Workplaces are expanding faster than ever, powered by mobile and cloud usage, making virtual collaboration essential. If your organization is dealing with aging hardware, ongoing maintenance and support issues, and a complex mix of collaboration applications, now is the time to modernize.

Webex Calling offers a flexible, easy-to-manage cloud platform that scales effortlessly. Its enterprise-level features are customizable to fit your exact business needs.

Connect with cloud calling: Webex Calling is your complete business phone system

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Secure and flexible connections

Making and receiving calls across any device allows your team the freedom to work from anywhere at any time. Webex Calling offers a cloud-based collaboration platform that’s both secure and flexible. It simplifies how employees connect and collaborate while controlling costs and allowing you to focus on your business.

Get ready to create better connections with customers and increase employee efficiency. Ask how CBTS can help you seamlessly transition to a modern communications system that scales

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What is Webex Calling?

Webex is a cloud-based collaboration platform that allows companies to integrate multiple communications platforms without drastically changing workflows or devices. This cost-effective solution is ideal for any size company.

Webex Calling is a complete UCaaS solution with built-in security protocols, extensive calling features, full messaging capabilities, and a personal meeting room for up to 100 attendees. Add-on features boost meeting rooms for up to 1,000 attendees, additional security, live polling, and Q&As.


Benefits of Webex Calling

Optimized for hybrid environments

Turn cloud calling into smarter collaboration.

Easy collaboration

Connect and collaborate with clients, employees, and suppliers from virtually anywhere.

Reliable connection

Leverage disaster recovery and business continuity capabilities with CBTS network reliability and 24×7 customer support.

Unified communications

Access a full suite of unified capabilities and advanced voice features.

Scalable and customizable

Scale up or down as needed with pay-as-you-go pricing through a CBTS cloud service.

Ease of migration

Stay productive while transitioning to our cloud-based VoIP system with CBTS migration services.

Multiple devices

Make and receive calls with your desktop phone or computer. Or, stay connected on mobile phones or tablets with our app.


of overall telephone users will be cloud-based by 2025.




Properly configuring Webex to your company’s existing workflow will take time and effort. Fortunately, CBTS is well-versed in setting up hosted phone services for our clients. CBTS was one of the first IT technology providers to offer a “Cisco-as-a-Service” solution.

CBTS has a deep partnership history with Cisco—including a Cisco Master Solution Provider certification (among others). By implementing Webex through CBTS, companies call on our expertise to boost productivity, streamline systems, and save money by avoiding upfront capital investments, and enjoying transparent, fixed monthly pricing.

Assess and guide

CBTS runs an initial assessment to determine the best technology, platforms, and approaches to apply to your unique business needs.

Customize solutions

Certified CBTS engineers design and build custom solutions to support your business goals in the short and long terms.


After piloting and fine-tuning the platform to your unique specifications, CBTS implements the solution companywide.

Fully managed

Whether transitioning to tech support or fully-managed services, CBTS continues to partner in your lasting success.

Webex has security and privacy built-in, not bolted on.

Privacy and security are the top priorities in designing, developing, deploying, and maintaining Webex networks, platforms, and applications. Cisco employs multiple technologies and procedures to ensure its platform meets privacy and security requirements. In addition, they offer extended security options, advanced privacy features, and enterprise-grade built-in compliance.

“One of the unique advantages of implementing Webex for our clients is its exceptional scalability. It allows businesses of all sizes to leverage its powerful collaboration capabilities and robust security features, ensuring our clients can confidently collaborate online.”

– Tim Burkhart, Senior Product Manager


Unified communications via Webex Calling from CBTS

CBTS delivers the Webex communications features you need.

CBTS ensures clients maximize Webex to enhance their meeting experiences with high-quality audio and video calls. Users leverage their existing equipment, like softphone headsets, and incorporate personal smartphones into the hosted phone system through Webex Go. This platform adds a “work” line to personal phones while preserving privacy and providing video and voice-sharing features. Users can also enhance their cloud calling experiences with Webex-integrated devices and seamlessly integrate with other UC products and cloud-based tools. The Control Hub is a unified management interface, enabling administrators to efficiently generate and monitor custom analytics.

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Webex Calling: Upgrade your Business Edition to the Cloud.

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Webex Calling: Simplified calling and collaboration


Move to the cloud with confidence


Industry-leading partnerships

Cisco Partner Gold Integrator Gold Provider Master Collaboration Specialized Advanced Collaboration Architecture Specialized


CBTS is a Cisco Gold Integrator and Provider with Cisco Master and Advanced specializations in several product categories. With over 260 Cisco certifications, we’ve relied on our breadth and depth of expertise and experience to deliver customized solutions to our thousands of Cisco customers for more than 30 years.

Case studies

With 16 colleges and over 80 campuses across Kentucky, KCTCS brings first-rate education to every corner of the state. KCTCS serves 80,000+ students, making it the largest post-secondary education institution in Kentucky.

KCTCS needed to implement and align a communication solution that would span across all 80 campuses statewide.

CBTS solution

Building on the existing Cisco infrastructure, CBTS managed the migration to Webex Calling and provided services such as:

  • Overall project management.
  • Enhanced voice design.
  • Coordination of phone number porting with applicable service providers.
  • Automated license configuration in Webex Control Hub.
  • Complete visibility of legacy PBX data, such as extensions, devices/stations, call queues, auto attendants, and more.
  • Webex license assignment based on personal profiles.

KCTCS now enjoys the enhanced communication and collaboration features of a next-gen UCaaS system built on Webex Calling. CBTS ensured minimal downtime during the transition and currently provides testing and remediation support.


“Building on our mutual vision to delight all clients, Cisco is thrilled to join CBTS in delivering Webex Calling. With fully integrated Webex technology, CBTS users will experience a modern, all-in-one collaboration tool that delivers simple, flexible communications, making their businesses more productive and more secure, with any device from anywhere.”

Tony Lopresti, Director Product Management, Webex

Aligning Webex Calling with business outcomes

On-premises phone systems are outdated, and many cannot be updated without significant investments in money, time, and IT resources. By implementing Webex, clients can boost productivity, streamline systems, and save money by avoiding upfront capital investments and enjoying transparent, fixed monthly prices.

Implementing collaboration technologies can provide alternatives to travel, reducing financial and productivity costs.



Top 5 questions

What if my business is still using a traditional PBX phone system?

CBTS can help you integrate legacy telephony services or migrate to a cloud-first UCaaS system with telephony.

How do I know if Webex is the right platform for me?

Each company has unique needs and operational demands. CBTS consultants can help you assess, refine, and implement the communications solutions that best suit your organization now and in the future.

What if I want to manage Webex internally?

CBTS has many resources that can assist you with self-management. Speak with an expert to learn more.

Should I choose Webex Calling over Microsoft Teams Voice?

It’s a matter of preference and cost vs. benefits. If you already have Business Edition on-premises, you might want to consider handing off operations of Cisco Unified CM or moving to a dedicated private cloud, all while maintaining third-party integrations.

Why choose Webex Calling?

Businesses often choose Webex Calling for its robust webinar tools and enterprise-level security.

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