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January 24, 2023
Author: Neal Marksberry
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What is Webex Calling?

As internal and external business communications become more complex, companies are breaking away from legacy PBX phone systems. Cisco Webex Calling is a cloud-based, single-platform telephony system that allows companies to integrate multiple communications platforms without drastically changing workflows or devices. The cost-effective Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) solution is ideal for small and midsize companies.

This blog will explore how implementing Webex Calling from CBTS can save your company time, money, and valuable IT resources.

The benefits of Webex Calling

Cloud calling from Webex offers many competitive advantages, including:

  • Enterprise-grade features priced for a small business budget.
  • Optimization for hybrid environments. Agents and employees can connect from anywhere with a reliable Internet connection.
  • Adaptable cloud migration paths that allow customers to customize their journey from legacy systems.
  • Greater visibility and control through centralized administration.
  • Best-in-class collaboration tools in the Webex app.
  • Integration with hundreds of SaaS solutions.
  • Innovative security that encrypts meetings and utilizes machine learning.
  • Internal and external communication through a single application

Comprehensive collaboration tools

Webex Calling elevates meeting experiences through high-quality audio and video calls. In addition, users can utilize the equipment they already own, such as softphone headsets. With Webex Go, staff can incorporate personal smartphones into the hosted phone system. 

The Webex Go platform protects employee privacy by adding a second “work” line onto any personal phone and incorporates the same video and voice sharing features as the Webex Calling platform. Users can further enhance their cloud calling experiences remotely or at headquarters with Webex-integrated devices such as video devices, and room systems. 

Integrations and control

Webex integrates with hundreds of top-of-the-line platforms and applications, including other UC products such as Microsoft Teams and cloud-based tools. As a result, customers can collaborate efficiently without leaving the Webex app or drastically altering workflows.

Another powerful feature is the Control Hub, which works as a single pane of glass. Administrators can generate and monitor custom analytics simultaneously.

Disaster recovery, security, and survivability

Properly configuring Webex Calling to your company’s existing workflow can take time and effort. Fortunately, CBTS is well-versed in setting up hosted phone services for our clients. CBTS was one of the first IT technology providers to offer a “Cisco-as-a-Service” solution. 

What can customers expect from CBTS implementation? CBTS deploys a phased implementation process that includes the following:

  • Consult – CBTS runs an initial assessment to determine the best technology, platforms, and approaches to apply to your unique business needs. Our project managers then guide your team through each phase of the process.
  • Build – Certified CBTS engineers design and build custom solutions to support your business goals in the long and short terms.
  • Transform – The solutions are fully deployed and fine-tuned in the context of business operations.
  • Support – Whether transitioning to tech support or fully managed services, CBTS continues to partner in your lasting success.

How does this look in practice? After an initial consultation determining that Webex Calling is the best fit for your business, engineers custom-build the solution and launch it on a test case. After piloting and fine-tuning the platform to your unique specifications, CBTS implements the solution companywide. Then, CBTS transitions into the ongoing maintenance, management, and support role.

Learn more: Delivery over technology: The CBTS technology implementation process


Cisco Partner Gold Integrator Gold Provider Master Collaboration Specialized Advanced Collaboration Architecture Specialized

CBTS has a deep history of partnership with Cisco—including a Cisco Master Solution Provider certification (among others). By implementing Webex Calling through CBTS, companies call on our expertise to boost productivity, streamline systems, and save money by avoiding upfront capital investments and with transparent, fixed monthly prices. 

Additionally, because Webex Calling is a cloud-based system, updates, upgrades, and maintenance all occur automatically with little to no downtime. The system is highly scalable, simplifying the process of adding new employee lines or updating SaaS services as your company expands over time.

At CBTS, our team is committed to your success. Get in touch to learn if Webex Calling is a good fit for your company.

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