CBTS Certified Partner Program

CBTS Certified Partner Program

June 24, 2020

Congratulations to Parallel Technologies Inc.

CBTS is proud to announce that Parallel Technologies, Inc. senior account executive David Hammond has become the first Channel Partner nationally to achieve certification through the new CBTS Certified Partner Program. Certification is a key initiative designed to enable Channel Partners to be tested and vetted as experts of CBTS UCaaS, SD-WAN, NaaS, and Network Security services.

Certified Channel Partners are provided full tool set access to technology equipment, complete comprehensive training, and have successfully passed a proficiency test administered by CBTS’ engineering team.

“I’m very excited to see the immediate success of the CBTS Certified Partner Program,” said CBTS Sales VP and Channel Chief Robert Messmer. “This was a key initiative for us in 2020. CBTS is bullish about investing in our Partners, both in terms of education and getting our technology in their hands. So many of our Indirect Partners are world-class technology advisors to their customers and CBTS wanted to arm these experts with the right tools with a real world certification program.”

“In a survey of our customers, they identified the solution demonstration as the most valuable piece of our consultative process,” said Parallel Vice President Rob Schmittauer. “CBTS’ certification training ensures that the Parallel team are truly experts in our technology offerings, and allows us to fully demonstrate how a client would use a solution to solve their unique needs.”

“CBTS’ certification has deepened my knowledge of the technology, ensuring the focus of my conversation with the client is on them, not the product,” said David Hammond. “Rather than simply listing out the product benefits, I can have a collaborative discussion with my customers to demonstrate how the technology applies to their organization.”

Congratulations to Parallel Technologies Inc.

CBTS has learned that our most successful partners:

  1. Understand the nuances of our o­fferings and where they fit in the competitive landscape.
  2. Possess the skills to demonstrate our solutions directly to their clients and prospects
  3. Leverage our deep bench of sales engineering talent in qualified opportunities.

CBTS Partners may attain certification in one or all four (4) disciplines: UCaaS, SD-WAN/NaaS, and Network Security. Certifications are valid until December 31, 2021 and authorizes those Partners the right to use certification credentials in any marketing efforts.

“David Hammond and the Parallel team are absolute professionals and true trusted advisors to their customers,” said Messmer, “I’m excited for David Hammond and Parallel Technologies to be the first Partner in the United States to achieve certification from CBTS, for SDWAN/NaaS. Certification means that companies can trust Parallel Technologies has the tested competency to represent CBTS SDWAN/NaaS offerings.”

Click here to learn more about the CBTS Certified Partner Program.

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