Juniper Mist NaaS with Marvis AI: Improving User Experience

January 30, 2024
Author: Corrie McGlothlin
Blog | Infrastructure

What is Marvis?

Business networks have exploded in scope over the past few years. Networks now include numerous connections, including IoT devices, data, and applications. As network infrastructure becomes increasingly complex, IT teams turn to artificial intelligence and machine learning to manage and troubleshoot network traffic.

One such solution is Marvis, a network AI from Juniper Mist. Marvis is a Virtual Network Assistant (VNA)—essentially a 24x7x365 support “robot.” Marvis proactively alerts the network admin of potential issues, sometimes before customer support tickets arrive. Additionally, Marvis can perform many tasks a tier-one customer support agent can do, such as labeling or elevating tickets to tier-two agents or remediating the issue without human intervention.

Unlike other vendor offerings, Juniper Mist (a 2023 leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant™ for networking) prioritizes customer service rather than simply indicating if a network function or device is “up.” Marvis can auto-generate trouble tickets sent on behalf of connected devices that are “Mist-ified” or running Juniper Mist AI. Marvis also intelligently routes traffic and can “self-drive” to autocorrect simple network issues.

Implementing Marvis across your network takes trial and error, which can be expedited with a managed service partner like CBTS. This post will discuss the benefits of Marvis, as well as its capabilities and limitations.

Benefits of Juniper Mist AI-enabled networking

  • Auto-generate tickets for connected devices.
  • Round-the-clock monitoring and support.
  • Maintain service level expectations (SLEs) by proactively monitoring network speeds and functionalities. Marvis can automatically send alerts if services drop below a specific rate.
  • Improve customer service and experience by identifying issues before they affect users.
  • Elevate the help desk experience and relieve the burden of trouble tickets.
  • Reduce overall support tickets.
  • Speed up and enhance troubleshooting with natural language processing (NLP) supported interfaces.
  • Dynamic packet capture identifies the root causes of issues and how to fix them. Marvis can save data before an outage and restore that data once service is restored.
  • Self-driving functionality allows for maximum uptime through real-time corrections and self-healing remediation.

What can Marvis do?

The goals of Marvis are to increase the customer’s quality of experience and lower the number of support tickets, especially over time as Marvis “learns.” 

Enhanced troubleshooting via NLP interfaces

Like ChatGPT or another generative AI tool might work, network admin and IT professionals interact with Marvis through common sense questions or prompts. Users can ask questions like “Which users are having issues?” or “How many switches are currently connected to the network?” Starting options from Marvis include “Troubleshoot,” “Search,” “Documentation,” and “Marvis Actions,” which quickly provide visibility into connectivity, switches, WAN edges, APs, and more.

Remediation and suggestions

Marvis offers many of the same actions that a tier-one service agent might offer, such as identifying common issues and providing suggestions for remediation. For example, Marvis can pinpoint a malfunctioning cable and recommend a solution.


The autonomous and learning aspects of Juniper Mist AI are where things get exciting. Marvis can self-correct known issues and learn new corrections over time, improving uptime. The AI still needs the hand of an experienced technician to guide and teach it. However, Marvis enables the network admin and SysOps to become more efficient, and human operators—in turn—make Marvis grow. Collaboration between IT admin and the AI takes its functionality to the next level.

Learn more about AI for customer experience: How embracing the latest AIops technology can improve customer experience

Inverting the support model

In the traditional IT support model, tier-one agents process and log service tickets from customers. A Tier 1’s primary role is to forward tickets to the correct Tier 2 agent who can handle the service request, but they can also manage fundamental functions like password resets. Marvis takes on the Tier 1 support staff role by handling rudimentary functions, suggesting remediating actions for users, and elevating unresolved tickets to Tier 2.

The traditional IT support workflow

Traditional IT workflow

The Marvis support workflow

marvis support workflow

Limitations of Marvis

Marvis is still an emerging technology with some limitations. Juniper Mist AI cannot remediate any device that does not have a Marvis license. Marvis can only remediate itself, in other words. It also currently cannot create a firewall.

However, despite the limitations, Marvis can help its users gain visibility into non-Juniper-enabled network devices such as DHCP, DNS, and firewall policies.

Download the info sheet: Modernize your network with Marvis by Juniper Mist

Navigating Juniper Mist AI implementation with CBTS

As Juniper Mist puts it, up is not the same thing as good. By proactively identifying, reporting, and remediating network issues—often before customers notice them—Marvis prioritizes the end user’s experience. Marvis helps network admin and customer support enhance their troubleshooting efforts by pinpointing issues through an NLP interface.

However, an AI is only as good as its data set, configuration, and implementation. That’s why you need an experienced IT partner to launch Marvis successfully. Marvis is deployed as a license. It’s not included with Juniper Mist. However, when CBTS deploys Juniper Mist, the Marvis license is automatically included.

Fully managed NaaS solutions like Juniper Mist NaaS with Marvis AI from CBTS provide businesses with an agile, scalable, resilient approach to maintaining enterprise-wide networks. By transferring networking responsibilities to the connectivity experts at CBTS, organizations can tap into feature-rich capabilities and cost savings that can simplify operations, improve UX, and ultimately boost the bottom line. As infrastructure requirements rapidly evolve, the skilled engineers at CBTS make network management more affordable and less complex, freeing IT teams to focus on the future of their business.

CBTS has assisted hundreds of satisfied customers through the evolution of business networking for decades, guiding our customers through adopting efficient network services that boost success. Get in touch to learn more about deploying Juniper Mist AI on your network.

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