Jeff Lackey

President and CEO, CBTS

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Jeff Lackey
President and CEO, CBTS

Jeff Lackey is President and CEO of CBTS and OnX Canada. Jeff joined CBTS in March of 2016 as a regional vice president managing branch operations outside of Cincinnati, Ohio. Later, Jeff was promoted to serve as Senior Vice President, U.S. Sales followed by Chief Operating Officer, and most recently appointed to President and CEO in early 2020. Along with his senior leadership team, Jeff leads the organization’s growth strategy and is overseeing its evolution from a traditional infrastructure company to one of the leading providers of transformative technology solutions in the industry.

Get to know Jeff
Jeff held a variety of senior roles in the information technology industry before joining CBTS. He founded KSM Consulting—which focused on expanding the commercial market’s adoption of personal computing and network-based technology—and later sold that company to Cincinnati Bell (now altafiber). He also served as President of Broadwing Technology Solutions and then President and CEO of Core Business Technology Solutions, the privatized regional information technology services division of Broadwing. Jeff holds a bachelor’s degree from Indiana University.

Why choose CBTS as your global technology partner

By Jeff Lackey

Digital transformation is now mandatory with growing businesses using cloud, communications, and other innovative solutions to meet their customers wherever, and whenever they need. Their technology partner must be equipped to tackle the demands of that organization and achieve their business goals, all while offering flexibility, customization, and personal services.

Why is CBTS a good company to do business with? 

“A true global technology partner is someone invested in your success but also someone who listens—taking the time to understand your business and where you want to go while helping you find the best people and tools to help get you there.”


How CBTS ensures IT-business alignment

Learning about your organization, workflows, and goals to design tailored solutions.

Innovative technology helps you stay competitive in a fast-paced world

The need for modern IT infrastructure to transform and innovate.

CBTS IT Strategy and Methodology

The impact of technology to reach your business potential.