CBTS launches CXsync Cloud Contact Center delivering innovative solutions to businesses

December 06, 2022
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CBTS maximizes contact center capabilities with CXsync, a cloud-based solution designed for innovative and flexible digital engagement between businesses and customers.

  • CBTS is launching CXsync, a self-service, omni-channel cloud contact center platform with the flexibility to scale up or down at a moment’s notice.
  • CXsync provides a digital engagement model, enabling CBTS to accelerate the delivery of cloud-based contact center services and transition legacy contact center systems.
  • With CXsync’s pre-assembled API integration, implementation, and portal-based administration tools, CBTS simplifies deployment and management.

CINCINNATI — (BUSINESS WIRE LINK) — CBTS, a leading provider of global communicationscloud, infrastructure, and consulting services for enterprise organizations, announces its new product, CXsync Cloud Contact Center. The solution enables small and midsize businesses to leverage the functionality of a cloud-based contact center without a costly capital investment. CBTS Contact Center as a Service delivers industry-leading solutions that elevate the customer experience.

Deploying a cloud-based contact center strengthens and increases a business’s availability to its customers. Clients can easily tailor CXsync to their specific requirements. Additionally, the platform allows for real-time call monitoring, agent scoring, and ongoing education and training—providing companies with the information they need to improve customer experience.

CXsync’s pre-assembled API integration, implementation, and portal-based administration tools enable CBTS to move faster in deploying the solution and deliver a better and more secure user experience. Functions and applications—such as AI chatbots and app integration—may be built, added, or removed at any time to accommodate changes within the business’s customer communications strategy. The contact center platform promotes a work-from-anywhere business model. Staff can operate the platform from any location, provided there is access to a basic PC and broadband Internet.

CBTS CXsync offers companies the flexibility and scalability to engage customers when and where they want. Through the CBTS Managed Services delivery model, clients benefit from ongoing management, maintenance, and optimization of the contact center solution. Organizations partnering with CBTS ensure a robust, adaptable solution that meets their unique business needs.

“CBTS is proud to offer CXsync to our small and midsize business customers. Truly, no business is too small to see benefits from this solution. Our goal in developing the product was to synchronize and optimize effective customer experience. Consistent and reliable communication with customers paints the picture of a well-established, thriving company. Additionally, we know how challenging it can be for small and midsize businesses to compete in the digital age. CXsync is a cost-effective solution for companies looking to modernize operations.”

Tony King
Vice President and Principal
CBTS Communications Practice

“The CXsync deployment process is clearly defined for our customers. Through discovery sessions with key stakeholders, our experts will identify and document the specific use cases for the product within the organization.

Following that process, CBTS engineers work to ensure the final CXsync configuration meets the client’s requirements. The User Acceptance Training process allows clients to test real-world situations and confirm the solution works as intended. The final deployment stage is as simple as activating new contact numbers and redirecting existing numbers to the new contact center. We continue to support and assist with optimizing CXsync as the business grows and requirements evolve.”

Keith Talbot
CCaaS Solutions Director

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