“Howdy Partner” panel discusses business benefits of Data Lake Kickstarter tools

November 22, 2021
Author: Kevin Muldoon
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When it comes to explaining technical topics, there’s no substitute for an expert panel sharing knowledge in an audience-friendly format. That’s why CBTS joined a recent installment of “Howdy Partner” by AWS to discuss the business benefits of data lake optimization.

Howdy Partner is a weekly live stream series hosted by AWS, typically featuring solution architects and engineers discussing specific technical subjects. In early September, AWS hosted CBTS experts to discuss how the Data Lake Kickstarter initiative can enable enterprises to evolve their networks. AWS partner solution engineers and Michael Lanthier hosted the stream with CBTS solution architects Tim Selaty, Davis Gossett, and Scott Franke.

The panel discussed the business benefits of improving data lake functionality while demonstrating the CBTS Data Lake Kickstarter’s time-saving features.

How to create a Data Lake Kickstarter program with CBTS

  • Replace aging databases with scalable, flexible data lake infrastructures.
  • Easily access any data from any sector of the organization with the Simple Data Integrator (SDI).
  • Scan more data in less time and reduce the number of engineers required to execute deployments.
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What is the history of data lake adoption?

Before delving into the business benefits of implementing Data Lake on AWS, the panel discussed the history of database architecture. For many years, relational databases were commonplace solutions for collecting, storing, and analyzing large quantities of data, Tim Selaty said.

However, these databases and their sources were often fragmented, and managing them was complicated and very time consuming. This meant that maintaining large-scale databases was expensive, and queries with large results tended to slow down operations. As a result, database engineers often spend more time maintaining than innovating.

Data lakes—centralized repositories capable of storing structured and unstructured data with equal ease of access—have since caught on as popular database solutions. Despite their many strengths, however, using data lakes effectively takes significant insight and experience. CBTS introduced the Data Lake Kickstarter to address this, which offers prescribed, serverless workflows and customizable admin interfaces.

The Data Lake Kickstarter program, which is built directly off of the original AWS Data Lake framework, is delivered as a managed service. This means bugs are fixed and features are added on behalf of the user. Also, since the data lake solution is built on AWS serverless, clients only pay for usage time. This means clients can deploy prescribed workflows while keeping full control of their AWS account while only paying for what they use.

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Get to know the business and organizational benefits of Data Lake Kickstarter

  • Eliminate the heavy lifting of creating a data lake and decrease time to insights from months to minutes with “one click” data lake creation and data loading.
  • Eliminate the need for developers, DevOps engineers, DBAs and data architects to create and maintain a data lake with this service from CBTS.
  • 95% savings in processing costs vs. a standard data lake in the cloud.
  • 95% faster processing vs. a standard on-prem data lake solution.
  • Optimized data lake tools for ServiceNow data for better and faster insights.
  • Scalable to billions of records.

Where legacy databases struggled with unstructured data, Data Lake Kickstarter can access nearly any data thanks to Simple Data Integrator (SDI). The serverless framework of SDI allows for simplified product deployment and extensive data access. With these tools, users will have full access to the data they need without struggling with the interface or backend barriers.

During the Howdy Partner live stream, Tim Selaty demonstrated the Data Lake Kickstarter’s features in real-time, showing viewers how workflows can be tweaked and customized to save time and effort. By simplifying both product deployment and data access procedures, Data Lake and its various features make life simpler for developers and end-users alike.

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Find the right partner to help you build your data lake

Knowing how to build a data lake environment is only part of the battle—being able to call upon a qualified partner is also invaluable. As one of only 258 AWS Advanced Consulting Partners worldwide that is certified as Well Architected, CBTS is up to the challenge. Data Lake Kickstarter by CBTS offers a shared ownership model, meaning CBTS is accountable for the performance of your organization’s cloud environment.

Contact us to learn more about the business benefits of deploying an AWS data lake environment customized for your enterprise.

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