In our channel partner world, you’re the superhero

March 11, 2020
Author: Matt Douglass
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When deciding on a provider, there is so much to consider. Who are the best providers? Can the provider deliver specifically what our customers need? Does the provider comprehend our clients’ brand and areas of growth? Will this provider enhance our relationships with our customers?

So how do you make the right choice?

Four superpowers to look for in a provider

They have a consultative approach.
You need a provider which can educate your customer, is willing to whiteboard, and get down to the business problems. They should facilitate discovery, and figure out the business challenges and innovative solutions. The job is to deliver business outcomes. And technology doesn’t mean anything if it’s not solving a business problem. 

They can stay on task.
A perfect provider can stay laser-focused on the task at hand. If you bring them in for one part of a solution, they stay in their swim lane. There is an established flow that distinguishes job sharing and responsibilities. They respect that role, follow the process, and use their powers to accomplish specific goals–not instill chaos.

They know when to say no.
Sometimes your provider’s solution isn’t always the perfect solution for you and your client. There are a lot of options out there, so when your partner is consulting, they are honest and upfront, especially if their solution isn’t the right one. You need a provider who wants to deliver the right technology, has the right approach and can execute.

They are always responsive.
A reliable provider will respond to e-mails, requests for quotes, and turn around proposals quickly. Surprisingly, this is an area of weakness for many providers. It is also the easiest way to weed out unsuitable providers.

If your provider has these four attributes, they have what it takes to make you a hero in the eyes of your customer. At CBTS, we use our superpowers to equip you with everything you need to swoop in and save the day for your customers. It’s a win, win, win situation.

Three factors that make CBTS a unique channel provider

Cisco as a Service

How many times have you walked into a customer trying to help them solve their business problems to find out that they’re already leaning toward Cisco technology? BAM! Just like that, you are left out, and that business is going to go elsewhere. It’s like kryptonite depriving you of your revenue stream. As an agent working with CBTS you now have an opportunity to rescue that sale.

CBTS offers something unique in the channel market: Cisco as a Service. To become a better channel partner, we elected to embrace Cisco, create a full suite of Cisco UCaaS offerings, offer Network s a Service (NaaS), that delivers Cisco routers, switches, access points, and cameras. So today, if your customer decides Cisco technology is the best way forward to resolve a particular business problem, CBTS can expertly deliver the right Cisco solution, including a budget-friendly Cisco-as-a-Service utility model. ZOOM! We’re there—ready and waiting to deliver.

Big enough to matter, small enough to flex

Our size and ability to allow us to deliver in the most complex environments. We can lift large, multi-location projects over the finish line. We are flexible enough to shift focus instantly in an emergency or when business conditions demand a change in services to keep an organization on track. And, we come with more than one superpower: we have experience and certifications in a variety of technologies needed to meet any challenges as they arise for your customers.

Multi-platform SD-WAN

When CBTS decided to take on SD-WAN we brought in the top brands and built an internal experimental lab with air injection to test for jitter and latency. We ran all applications site-to-site, site-to-data center, and site-to-cloud to put them all to the test. In the end, CBTS chose to align with Viptela, Meraki, and VeloCloud technology for our multi-platform service. Subsequently, we became VeloCloud’s 2019 Partner of the Year in North America.

Behind every good hero is a great provider

At CBTS, we want to be your go-to provider and partner, your technology sidekick who makes you a hero with your customers. We are here to help you deliver business outcomes faster than a speeding bullet, with technology more powerful than a locomotive, and agile networks able to leap a large geographic distance in a single bound.

Look into the future… it’s CBTS… it’s UCaaS.. it’s SD-WAN… it’s YOU!

Yes, you. You are always the hero in our story.

Learn more: Channel Program from CBTS

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