Key Advantages of Microsoft Teams Operator Connect

March 29, 2023
Author: Neal Marksberry
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What is Microsoft Teams Operator Connect?

Operator Connect is a new program from Microsoft for select operators, or service providers, that enables additional integration into customers’ Microsoft tenants to provide public switched telephone network (PSTN) service. Since launching last fall, Microsoft Teams Operator Connect has added functionality to Microsoft Teams Voice and created new options for boosting customer communication experiences.

Operator Connect builds on previous Teams Voice plans, adding greater functionality inside Teams admin center (TAC), an intuitive graphic interface. Administrators and engineers no longer need to rely on PowerShell (Microsoft’s proprietary code platform) for the day-to-day management of their Microsoft Teams Voice users. Instead, admins make changes directly through TAC. In addition, due to peering with Microsoft’s network, Operator Connect promises greater security and call quality.

Let’s review the benefits of implementing Microsoft Teams Operator Connect and briefly explore the differences between Operator Connect and Direct Routing.

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Why implement Teams Operator Connect?

Microsoft Teams Operator Connect adds no-code functionality in an easy-to-use portal. Previously, users who wanted to apply simple changes to phone numbers, contacts, or permissions had to rely on administrators to provision them into the system using PowerShell.

CBTS is one of a handful of Microsoft vendors chosen to join the program. Clients can select CBTS as their preferred partner through a simple menu on the dashboard. From the user side, it’s essentially “plug and play” while CBTS engineers handle the rest of the setup.

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Microsoft Teams Voice delivery options

CBTS supports our clients through each step of the Teams Voice implementation process from conception to deployment. We advise our clients on licensing, securing communications, video conferencing, and streamlining workflows. Our team is certified by Microsoft and can guide you through the different Microsoft Voice delivery options:

  • Direct Routing – Direct Routing is meant for large corporations that need a lot of flexibility in their Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) systems. Customers who utilize Microsoft Direct Routing gain unprecedented control over their phone systems. CBTS provides session border controllers and call paths, but the client does not need to turn over administrative controls.
  • Microsoft Teams Operator Connect –Operator Connect is the next evolution in voice from Microsoft. Deeper integration between CBTS and Microsoft allows additional admin functionality directly within Teams admin center. Direct peering with Microsoft enables CBTS to offer enhanced quality of service. CBTS packages all this with E911 services to give customers an easy-to-predict monthly subscription option.

By choosing CBTS as your trusted Microsoft voice provider, our experts will work with your team to understand your unique business needs and requirements to identify which Microsoft voice option best fits your organization.

Why migrate mission-critical applications to cloud environments?

In addition to the attractive savings promised by cloud migration, other compelling benefits include:

  • Improved customer service and experience.
  • Boosted functionality for administrators and IT managers.
  • Faster onboarding and deployment.
  • The ability to easily select CBTS as a service provider (or “operator” in Microsoft terminology).
  • Deep integrations with the Microsoft cloud environment.
  • Greater efficiency through a no-code interface.
  • Included E911 services, ensuring compliance with state and federal regulations.
  • Simplified call management and higher call quality.
  • Straightforward overview through a single portal (Teams admin center).

Additional calling features

Operator Connect merges Microsoft’s powerful collaboration tools with telephony features to create an elegant, streamlined communications platform ideal for the hybrid workplace.

Additional calling features include:

  • Calling plan options to choose from.
  • Concurrent call paths.
  • Hosted session border controllers.
  • DIDs.
  • Auto attendants and call queues.
  • Built-in disaster recovery.
  • Teams-certified device ready.
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Managing UCaaS options can be overwhelming, as customers must wade through a sea of features to find the ones that best meet their needs. Fortunately, as a Microsoft Certified Solutions Partner with an Advanced Specialization in Calling for Microsoft Teams, CBTS is uniquely positioned to help customers make informed communications decisions. CBTS builds on its 15-year relationship with Microsoft to help customers get the most from their Microsoft cloud environment.

From the vendor perspective, Microsoft Operator Connect is a highly selective service. It is invite-only, meaning Microsoft handpicks partners to add to the platform. Once selected, a vendor must go through a multi-month vetting process. CBTS is one of the first of a handful of vendors currently available to offer Microsoft Teams Operator Connect.

CBTS provides ongoing, expert support in onboarding, implementing, and managing Microsoft unified communications solutions, allowing your business to future-proof communications systems.

Get in touch to start your unified communications journey today.

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