Leverage Office 365 to transform your business

April 26, 2019
Steve Fisk
Practice Principal

The wide disparity of cloud infrastructure is making it more difficult for the enterprise to leverage traditionally licensed software designed for use within a single data center. This is particularly true for broad productivity suites that aim to unify wide-ranging processes into cohesive, manageable workflows. As a result, many developers are converting their legacy products into cloud-ready services like Microsoft’s Office 365.

The company now offers Office 365 as a full-fledged cloud solution designed to go where enterprise IT goes, while delivering the cost benefits of other service-based platforms.

Office 365 offers multiple benefits

From an operational standpoint, organizations are finding that migrating productivity software to the cloud delivers a far more powerful, feature-rich user experience than anything hosted on a local static instance.

1. Deploy tools quickly to increase productivity with Office 365

For one thing, the cloud enables the rapid deployment of new and powerful tools to keep productivity gains on a steadily upward trajectory.

Advances like Artificial Intelligence and Big Data analytics, which could take years to reach the enterprise, are available instantly in the cloud.

2. Drive large-scale collaborative and sharing capabilities

The cloud can also better support the large-scale collaborative and sharing capabilities that many knowledge workers – particularly younger workers – are finding commonplace in their personal lives.

This produces a more comfortable, familiar workspace in which meetings, assignments, deadlines and casual conversations can be managed with ease.

3. House critical data in secure environment

At the same time, the cloud is proving to be a more secure environment to house critical data than the local data center. This has eased fears about hosting storage and applications on third-party resources.

Cloud providers do not want to find themselves at a competitive disadvantage, so they are constantly upgrading to new software and new forms of infrastructure to keep data safe and secure. It is also relatively easy, and cheaper, to build off-site back-up and recovery in the cloud. You can then augment this structure with the latest in automated replication and fail-over techniques.

4. Build, scale state-of-the-art environments with minimal costs

But perhaps the most impressive aspect of cloud-based communication and collaboration is the fact that it converts both your software licensing and infrastructure consumption from a capital to an operational model.

Premium Office 365 packages are now available for as little as $20 per month per user. Organizations find they can build state-of-the-art business environments with minimal upfront costs, and then scale the environment to accommodate existing workloads.

5. Let IT staff focus on  higher-level strategic goals

Cloud solutions allow the enterprise to utilize internal IT staff for higher-level strategic goals. Third-party providers like CBTS provide basic management and support.

Managing legacy Microsoft Outlook and SharePoint infrastructure, along with other conventional communication platforms, is not only time consuming but a distraction for your highly-skilled IT staff.

By implementing Microsoft Office 365, IT departments:

  1. Offload compute, storage, and maintenance of their communications infrastructure.
  2. Reduce their on-site technology footprint.

CBTS will help you maximize Office 365

Once Office 365 has been adopted, many organizations should consider the long-term retention and protection of their critical data. They can do this by creating a secondary copy in a geographically disperse location.

By creating an offsite copy of your backup, either in another Azure location or a CBTS cloud, you can:

  1. Access your specific files for restoration.
  2. Address compliance and regulatory requirements.

Our experts will perform a backup assessment prior to implementation to map out your current topology. We will also create a technology roadmap that mirrors your business objectives. Upon completion of the backups, our experts test for proven restoration capabilities of your data.

CBTS provides comprehensive Office 365 roadmap

In today’s digital economy, efficiency and productivity are the keys to success.

Companies that shed their bloated, uncoordinated processes in favor of lean, agile operations can better maintain high profitability. And once in the cloud, they gain access to a global marketplace of goods, services and potential customers.

Few organizations can manage this transition alone, so they turn to experienced leaders like CBTS. With a proper plan, migration to the cloud can be quick and non-disruptive – even for complex platforms like Office 365.

Learn more about Office 365 and what you can accomplish with the widespread benefits of Microsoft Teams.

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