Revamp your business with the Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform

March 23, 2021
Ben Silverman
Enterprise Solutions Architect

CBTS worked with one of the largest communications technology companies in the world, offering voice, data, and video services across multiple networks with an operating structure that focuses on three customer-facing areas: consumer products, business communications, and media.

The technology giant continues to deliver network services as the COVID-19 crisis poses challenges to public health and the global economy. In recent months, the client has donated mobile hotspots to support remote learning initiatives, adding further capacity in support of wireless and fiber networks for struggling businesses.

However, even a major corporation with a global footprint needs guidance when modernizing their legacy platforms. The client recently turned to CBTS to revitalize its legacy network infrastructure, a call answered via implementation of the Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform.

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Updating networks with the Ansible Automation Platform

As a worldwide wireless carrier, the communications provider relies on an efficient automation platform for secure dissemination of services to millions of subscribers. An outdated network platform stifled the introduction of new products and services, highlighting the issues of a fragmented legacy system with limited automation capabilities.

By enabling digital modernization, your organization can:

  • Drastically accelerate speed to market.
  • Foster a DevOps culture.
  • Scale hybrid-cloud environments.
  • Increase the capabilities of your business communications infrastructure.
  • Ensure continuous compliance

Delivering a reliable, secure business communications platform

The Ansible Automation Platform provided crucial role-based access control, security, auditing, and delegation capabilities. Supported by CBTS professional services, the new platform oversees daily functions such as infrastructure provisioning, networking, line of business, operations, and development. CBTS added improvements of the automation platform—dashboards, disaster recovery capabilities, and more—to help the company manage diverse IT operations in a simple and optimized manner.

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The platform utilizes a streamlined user interface—called Red Hat Ansible Tower—to harness integrated notifications and enhanced role-based access control competencies. A web-based UI allows operators to schedule jobs while enabling greater control and compliance management.

On the disaster recovery front, Ansible Automation Platform delivers productivity improvements that lead to infrastructure standardization as well as automated IT tasks and processes. Additional benefits include certified technical assessment and development, as well as enterprise standards for security that address compliance and regulatory requirements.

Increased scale and deployment speed utilizing automated CI/CD tool chains is another benefit of the platform, while a reduction in unplanned downtime is a direct result of improved application performance. Throughout the implementation process, CBTS automation training brought their staff up to speed on best IT practices, including disaster recovery testing that demonstrated a full data wipe and platform recovery. Extensive disaster simulations confirmed the efficacy of the CBTS DR plan in the event of a crisis.

Download the Red Hat Ansible case study from CBTS

Achieving impactful business communications results

The newly realized network infrastructure is now capable of large-scale automation, giving the communications provider full control and resident IT staff the ability to leverage the platform’s full potential. In a time of evolving organizational needs, the client now has an easy-to-operate infrastructure automation solution equipped for administrative use, configuration, inventory tracking, and more.

No longer is the client beholden to a dated system that required staff to spend valuable time overseeing routine tasks. With the Ansible Automation Platform, IT specialists can focus on driving value to the company’s bottom line. What’s more, the organization now maintains a single-version control system that applies new configurations to production—all at speeds exceeding what was possible with previous manual workflows.

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Conclusion: CBTS helps you automate your business communications environment

Automating your environment with Ansible Automation Platform is the first step in achieving your most pressing IT and business objectives. Adding the platform is a simple and efficient means of maximizing resources, reducing costs, and speeding time to innovation.

  • Maximize resources throughout your entire IT organization.
  • Accelerate business outcomes and consolidate tools across your hybrid-cloud system.
  • Control risks and expenses.
  • Increase compliance while minimizing errors and reducing production costs.

Contact us for more information on how CBTS and Ansible Automation can implement advanced solutions to modernize your business communications environment.

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